The Dwarf In Conversation With: The Hunted Crows

The Dwarf In Conversation With: The Hunted Crows

We sat down recently with Luy and Jacob from The Hunted Crows to chat about their residency at Yah Yahs, their soul influnces and the agony and ecstacy of forming a Dixie Chicks cover band. While their Yah Yahs residency finishes tonight, don't dismay- you can catch them each Tuesday in February at Cherry Bar.

So, introduce yourselves to the nice people

Hello to exclusively the kind people. We’re Jacob and Luy, and we make up The Hunted Crows. We formed about a year ago, and since then we’ve forged a strong bond. If one of us were to die, the other would perish, their soul ripped from their mortal body.

Tell us a bit about The Hunted Crows EP which you released at the end of last year, and the lead single “Sniff You Out”

The self titled EP was a fun collection of songs, tracks from the early days that we were just so keen to get out to everyone. It’s cool looking back on where we were 6-7 months ago, and hearing that initial “honeymoon period” excitement that every band feels. We recorded the drums/guitar simultaneously, with no overdubs (save for the vocals), to give the tracks the same sort of vibes that we feel when we’re in the room together. Just us, the room, and a couple of mics capturing the whole thing! “Sniff You Out” we felt was a good single to launch off - short, punchy, and intense. We felt like it could potentially get people intrigued, and wanting more than just that two minute track!

Have you decided which song will be the follow up single?

We won’t be releasing any more singles from the debut EP, as we want to push music to fans where we are right now, rather than half a year ago. We’re feeling a lot more competent as songwriters, and able to get further past the limitations that a two-piece configuration can put on you!
We’ll be releasing a brand new recorded single within the first 6 months of this year.

How has your Yah Yahs residency been going? Which bands have you played with and how do you choose who to ask?

The residency has been insane - exceeded our wildest expectations. It’s kinda humbling seeing people come out multiple weeks in a row to come see you play, and bringing more people with them each week! The energetic crowds have really made this run of shows special to us. In fact - because of everyone who’s made the shows go so well - we’re going to be extending the residency over to Cherry Bar on Tuesday nights in February! Going to be insane. The bands we ask to play are all wicked - irrespective of genre, high energy acts who just want to entertain all go really well together. As long as musicians have conviction and love for their craft, everyone enjoys themselves. It’s been cool throwing in Alice Ivy (electronic/funk/soul artist) in between sets, adding a sick vibe to the nights. It might sound like we wouldn’t go together - but somehow it all just fits in perfectly.

You won a Cherry Award (Best Monday Residency against some stiff competition) at the tail end of last year- do you constantly remind the other bands that were nominated in your category when you come across them?

If we leave the house, we’re taking our trophy with us, rubbing it in the faces of supermarket clerks, crying babies, and elderly citizens. Crows rule, everyone must know it.

You mentioned at the Cherry Awards that you are both huge fans of funk and soul, a connection that may not be immediately obvious, do you have any favourites and would you put your spin on a classic track in a live setting? Which artists have influenced you the most either in terms of sound or live performance?

James Brown’s a huge one for us. His stage energy especially is so powerful, but musically, the way his band finds a sweet groove and sticks to it - it’s inspired us to just stay on the same simplistic beat for as long as your ears find it interesting!

Others would have to be Isley Brothers, Amy Winehouse, Kool & The Gang, as well as the sweet local musicians we have here such as Saskwatch, or Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes. We’re very lucky for soul music in Australia.

How close are you to forming a ‘Dixie Chicks’ tribute band to make ends meet?

This band is basically a way for us to save up for that dream. There’s a lot of overheads when you go Dixie - perms, leather cowgirl attire, and a ranch. We’re hoping this band will start to take off so we can jump ship and just do the things we truly want to do.

What can we look forward to from The Hunted Crows in 2015?

New music, new touring locations, new/more beers, and new slacks!

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