The Dwarf In Conversation with: Sheriff

The Dwarf In Conversation With: Sheriff

After a quiet spell, Sheriff are bringing their chaotic brand of dirty, swampy, heavy goodness back to Yah Yahs this Friday the 7th of November. We caught up with them recently and this is what they had to say.

You guys have been suspiciously quiet of late, what exactly have you been up to?

We've had a relatively quiet few months as our drummer Sir Routledge had a prolapsed disc in his back after a stunt mishap. (He's a stuntman by day.) He required surgery and was unable to play during recovery. He has fully recovered now. They rebuilt him. Made him even better, stronger, faster. He's back banging skins and couldn't be happier. We couldn't be happier to have him back! During the time off we had a few little holidays, prepared new songs and further planned some of our next moves as Sheriff. We've also been training hard for our return. Some would say we are in peak physical condition.

I once saw you riding a stuffed horse atop of the crowd at The Tote when you launched the Roughhouse Hymns EP, seeing as it is Cup Week will there be similar shenanigans?

The horse I rode at that gig was torn to pieces by the crowd the minute I fell off him. He was stitched up and made another appearance at Cherry Fest late last year but again the vicious crowd attacked him after my ride. He's spent a good part of this year in a warehouse of a mad scientist type friend of ours. He is in good health. He has been rebuilt and better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. He could be ready for this Friday night but we're not sure. Horse deaths in crowd surfing incidents have risen considerably in the last several years. I don't really want to end up on an animal rights billboard. If he doesn't make an appearance, there will be plenty of other shenanigans to make up for it, I can assure you of that.

You have a pretty impressive track record when it comes to choosing support bands, can you tell us a bit Younger Dryas and The Annie Crooners, and why you chose them?

We chose The Annie Crooners and Younger Dryas for this show because they love a drink as much as we do. Not only that, they are bloody great bands! The Annie Crooners are a collection of loose units from various country towns. We've known them and shared many a beer with them long before they were even a band. Earlier this year they decided to put together the band and the combination of dudes in the band is lethal. They're a mad 6 piece who put on a great show and play a unique blend of heavy music. They've been doing good things since they started. Get down early and check them out!

We first met Younger Dryas in the carpark of a Melbourne venue back in 2009 when the Tasmanian boys were in town playing gigs. Years later fate would bring us together again for a wild weekend in Tasmania. We played with them a couple of times early this year and we've been mates since. We've also been on the same bill a couple of times. They're huge in Tasmania. The ladies love them and so do we. They're from Burns Creek. They drink moonshine. They play rad tunes and they're nearing the end of a national tour, so they should be on fire when they play at our show!

Can we expect to hear some new tunes?

Yes we have been brewing new tunes! Some are still fermenting but others will make their debut at the show this Friday! In fact 40% of our set this Friday will be made up of new, unrecorded material. Want to hear it? Come to the show!

Tom recently had his guitar returned after it was pinched from his nature strip, will there be any ritual celebrations at the gig?

Yes, my guitar was taken from my driveway after returning home from a rehearsal but I was lucky enough to have it returned a few weeks later. Very happy. We felt like we had lost a member of Sheriff when it went missing. We have ritualistic beers and a team meeting before every show. As the guitar is a member of the team it will be partaking in this. There will also certainly be celebrations. The entire gig will be an almighty celebration! Return of Sir Routledge's healthy back, return of Sheriff and return of the guitar! We are hungry. We are eager. We are thirsty for blood and beer. We are ready to party.

Who are your favourite local bands at the moment? And who have you not played with already that you would like to?

Well we were a little annoyed that the Stones didn't get back to us...... But you can't win them all. We have so many favourite local bands. The problem with Melbourne/Australia is that there is so many incredible bands to play with! THAT BEING SAID WE WANT TO TOUR WITH KING PARROT!

Any final words about the show?
The Boys are Back in Town!

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