The Dwarf In Conversation With Pulled Apart By Horses

The Dwarf In Conversation With Pulled Apart By Horses

Here at The Dwarf Central we are pretty damn excited that an energetic rock'n'roll band from Leeds are coming back to tour Australia. Pulled Apart By Horses are known for their pure adrenaline pumping shows. We love a band that shows some aggressive swagger on stage. With three albums now under their belt, they back it up with a solid set of barnstorming rockers. We had a chat with lead guitarist, James Brown before arriving in Australia.

This will be your third Aussie visit. The last time you were here in Australia you were a part of the Soundwave 2014 juggernaut. I had such great pleasure seeing you guys perform here at Melbourne's Soundwave, as well as your sideshow with Biffy Clyro at The Corner Hotel. What was the one major highlight you remember of that tour last year or it is all a blur?

It was a total blast getting to head back out on the road with the Biffy Clyro boys again as we haven't been on tour with them for years. Soundwave is an utter beast of a festival! I really have no idea how they pull it off every year, it must take months of planning. We had a lot of fun on that tour, so many things happened. I think a stand out moment for me was carrying and handling a couple of huge snakes back stage that were being carried around for photos in the dressing room compound, it was equally terrifying and awesome at the same time.

You guys are pretty energetic on stage. What has been the worse stage injury that any member of the band has had over the years?

That would undoubtedly be one of mine. I jumped down onto my knees at a little club show on the Isle of Man in the UK and a guitar jack from a lead cut through my flesh into my knee. It was a pretty bad wound, which was made much worse by discovering after a week I had developed cellulitis in my right leg. I eventually had to be hospitalised after a couple of weeks where they explained they would of had to amputate my leg if I'd left it any longer as the infection had spread severely. Was some pretty dark and scary shit.

The Dwarf In Conversation With Pulled Apart By Horses

Are there any Aussie bands that you particularly admire?

We love DZ Deathrays. They have been over to the UK quite a lot and we've seem them play a handful of times. They rip the hell out of it live and make such a big wide sound for a two-piece. If you haven't heard of them and you like guitars and riffs, go find them right now!

I read an interview where your bass player Rob Lee name checks Tool and Nirvana being his major influence? The band names come from a Thom Yorke song. Who are your major influences, James?

I've always been a huge fan of Radiohead since I was a kid. They kind of made me want to develop my guitar playing and write my own songs and riffs. Massive influence on me. I also really admire a band called The Jesus Lizard from the USA. They're essentially a frantic punk band and it really is very intense music to listen to. Their singer David Yow is one of them most insane frontmen I've ever seen. Very much a live band.

The Dwarf In Conversation With Pulled Apart By Horses

I have noticed you're a Fender man. Tell me about your guitar equipment and pedals and if you have broken a few guitars on stage in spectacular style?

Oooooooo, I like questions like this. I've always loved playing telecasters, the first electric guitar I played was a hyrbid telecaster my Dad had made which he let me use at college in my first couple of bands. I love the bite and the high end sound they make and they can take a good old beating live. At Leeds Festival 2011 we finished our set and I'd had a quite a few beers and was playing a tele that was ready to be laid to rest from touring and throwing it around constantly. After the last chord was played I lifted it above my head and smashed it down to the ground like an axe. Sparks literally flew from the base of my feet and I hurtled the broken wood into the audience. Was dangerously enjoyable. I use Hayden guitar amplifiers which are made by some very loving and hard working guys here in the UK. One pedal I really love is my Jim Dunlop Aqua Puss delay, it captures that 70's sounding tape delay which is very hard to get right in just a little pedal box.

On the song 'High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive' there is a lyrics of "I'll make you dance with my balls on fire". It there a backstory you would be so kind to elaborate on those cheeky words?

You'd really have to ask our singer Tom about this one. I'm not 100% sure if its from a personal experience, but I am pretty certain its about sex. I still laugh sometimes even now when we play this or I hear it and its bloody 5 years old. Seriously fucked up lyrics in the best possible way.

You guys released a sensational cover of Slade's 'Merry Christmas Everyone' on a split release with Aussie band DZ Deathrays. How did that release come about and if you had to record another song from that UK glam rock era of the 1970's, what song would it be?

It was an idea put forward to us by a little record label we've both released singles with called Too Pure. They kind of thought it would be cool to get two scuzzy rock bands together to destroy some Christmas tunes and it's fair to say we did exactly that I reckon. We really love stuff like this and I think other labels should take a leaf out of their book. It keeps things interesting and its exciting for the fans and record collectors.

Pulled Apart By Horses has gone on the road with Muse, Biffy Clyro, Foals, Anti-Flag, Future Of The Left and you are just about to embark on tour with The Cribs. Which band did you connect with the most and why?

Tough question, we've made lots of friends along the way over our career which is really cool because you kind of don't expect you'd make actual friends with these bands as you could perceive it as just work, but we totally hit it off with the Biffy Clyro and Foals boys from day one who are such good genuine people, but we also learn a lot from them from a work perspective. Back then we were just working out what we could and couldn't do live and we learnt a lot from those guys about being on the road and doing things a little more professionally. We owe those guys and other bands like Blood Red Shoes & Future Of The Left a lot for what we've learnt from them.

Visually all of your music videos are exciting and also very weird and creepy. Do you collaborate with director and have a certain vision or do you just let the video guys do there thing?

We very much like to be fully involved in the music videos. All of the artwork and visuals are really important part of the band for us. We all studied art at college/university so we love to throw ourselves into stuff like this. We tend to come up with a rough idea and find a director who is happy for us to have some input and work together with them. We're really big on horror films, so that tends to rub off on the videos from time to time. We've been talking a lot about producing our own videos for the next record, but time is always the problem when starting a campaign for a new album.

What can your fans expect in these forthcoming shows in Australia and will you be performing some covers or will you be road testing any new songs?

Well we're currently on tour in the UK at the moment with an awesome band called The Cribs where we'll be road testing some new tracks we've just written and demoed, so if they go well we'll be totally playing them out in Australia! We bloody love coming out to Australia and we're so happy to of been asked back again, we always have such a good time and meet so many amazing people. You guys totally know how to party which is always a big bonus on tour. So expect us to be buzzing for this one!

What on the Pulled Apart By Horses masterplan for 2016? A new albums in the works and when can we hear it, major music festivals or tours?

We're deep into writing album number four now and very close to finishing it, so I'd like to think 2016 will be another year of new music, touring and partying. We've already started discussing a plan and it's all looking pretty fucking exciting.

What will you guys be doing in ten years time?

If people still buy our records and come to our shows then we'll 100% be doing this. I think if people stopped caring it would be hard to continue, but as long as we have fans and they still want vinyl, gigs, posters and partying then we'll be here for them to provide it. If it came to an end I'd worm my way back into art I think. Or buy a pub which would probably end very, very badly indeed.

The Dwarf In Conversation With Pulled Apart By Horses
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