The Dwarf In Conversation With Bam Margera

The Dwarf In Conversation With Bam Margera

Hey, Bam! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today!
How are you? You been busy?

Hey! Yeah, it's been crazy. We really want to get the new album out before we go on tour; it hasn't got far to go. But it's hard to get us all in one place at one time, one guy is from Massachusetts and one guy is from Australia, so band practice is kind of a bitch! (Laughs).

Haha, it would be! Can you do internet band practice yet?

Haha yeah, I'm waiting until you can like Skype band practice or something that would make it a lot easier.

You became a household name as a teen for your role in Jackass.. Was it hard for you to adjust to life in the public eye?

Umm, yeah. I was just in Finland with Andy McCoy, he's like the Finnish Keith Richards, basically. And people found out we were in the studio in Helsinki, and I couldn't even get a cup of coffee across the street from my hotel, like I was just held up in my hotel room. It was kind of a drag, cause people out there, like the magazine people found out. So, I'd try to get a cup of coffee, and I'd just get swarmed, and I'd just dive back into my hotel.

Is it like that everywhere you go?

Ummm, no. In my hometown, I can walk around without being too bothered. Like if I'm at the pub or something, maybe I'll have to take some pictures or something. But you know, when I was in Finland, that was kind of a drag, I couldn't go out or do much. I had to, you know, dive into a car and then dive out of the car to get into the studio. So yeah, that kind of sucked.

Pranks seem like a part of your everyday life. Judging by your antics on Jackass and the way you stirred up your family on Viva La Bam, you seem to have an endless prank bank! How do you come up with all these new tricks all the time?

Yeah, I mean, I don't know, I don't watch much TV, so I have to create my own TV - with my everyday life!

So it's completely spontaneous; you don't plan any of this stuff?

Yeah, I mean there is a never ending cast of characters around here to keep me entertained, so might as well film it and get some laughs out of it, you know. That's how I roll these days!

You're friends and family must have some serious anxiety issues wondering what you're going to do next!! You look like you enjoy seeing people in pain?

Yeah, well my parents are getting older, so I'm trying to take it easy on them lately, I'm afraid one scare too many might give them a heart attack.

I saw somewhere that you punched a friend in the mouth and knocked his teeth out?

Oh, yeah, yeah. That was Novak! Yeah, we did this show for TBS, I don't know what its on in Australia, but in the states it's on TBS. Yeah, Novak was messing with me in the phone booth, so I had to like, punch him through the glass, and ah, give him a little shock there.

Expensive dentist bill?

Yeah, he lost a tooth, but it hurt me more, cause my hand was all cut up. It made for good footage though. It cut up my hand and my whole arm and everything, but I'm used to injuries, so it wasn't too bad.

The Dwarf In Conversation With Bam Margera

You were obviously very cut up about losing your best mate Ryan Dunn. You spent so much time together. It must have been hard to get used to life without him?

Yeah. I was basically a pile of shit for like, two years. But I mean, doing this album and touring around and doing the band, definitely takes my mind off things, it's kind of helped me through it.

What do you think you'd be doing if Ryan were still alive today?
Well, Ryan would probably be in the band with me!

I can see you two rocking the stage together, you were really tight.

Yeah, the two of us have always been around music. Like my brother is in CKY so I toured with them, so its nothing new to me. Getting up on stage is new to me though, so I was a little freaked out by it at first, but ah... Now, I'm really liking it. People seem to really dig it. We just did a bunch of festivals and stuff in Europe so, yeah its fun. I kind of needed something new, I was sick of doing TV and stuff. I was injured so I couldn't skate. But now my feet are healing so, I can skate again.

Man, skaters don't like to be watching from the sideline, they want to be on the skateboard.

Yeah, I've hurt my feet so many times that landing tricks and stuff was unbearable, so I had to take a year off. Now I'm feeling better again. I mean, I got a skate park in my backyard so... I used to go to Philly all the time, but I got hassled at the skate park there. You walk out my back door, and there is a street course and a mini ramp and everything.

I am sure you are the envy of loads of jealous skaters out there!

Yeah, friends of mine know the gate code, so they come in, and we just skate, its fun, good time.

Didn't you have a crazy naked intruder living in your back yard?

Yeah, there was some girl from Florida. She drove all the way up here and was living in my woods!

That's crazy, that would creep you out!

Ha ha, I am amazed she lived in my woods for so long! I mean, she was definitely an outdoors woman. She must have been all drunk one night in the woods and she walked into my house. I just woke up, and she was naked in my bed, and I was like, what the hell, whats going on? It was freaky man! I called 911 and ah, yeah. It was bad. I didn't want to press charges and stuff. She obviously just had issues, and I just wanted her to get help. I didn't want her to like, go to jail or anything.

Wow, what a story! If you wrote an autobiography, you'd have like five books worth of material!

Actually, someone is writing a book right now about all that stuff. He's cool, he did the Slash book, and the Ozzie book, and um, Marilyn Manson. So I've just been working with him for the last month. It's crazy trying to get the record done, and doing the book and working on this movie, so it's non-stop.

I saw a trailer for the movie, when is your movie due to come out?

I want to get it out this year. But I keep getting good footage, and I'm like, oh man, now I need to add that to the movie. But I need to cut it off at some point, or the movie is going to be like three hours long! But it's coming together, I want to do a couple of finishing touches. Hopefully I get it out this year.

Fuckface Unstoppable is a wild name, what made you go with that?

Um, I just thought it was the most ridiculous name ever, and you can't ignore it.

Sounds like some sort of superhero with an um, twist?

(Laughs). Yeah, there is a lot you could do with that name.

You have some, interesting songs. I understand you wrote 'Bend My Dick' as a joke, where did you get the inspiration from for that track?

I was hanging out with this programmer dude, and he made that beat and I liked it, and that's just the first thing that popped into my head!

So you've visited Australia a couple of times, right? I heard last time you were here you were going to do a stunt involving a plane. But it crashed?

Yeah, I didn't know if I was going to make it home from that tour. It was crazy. A plane crash in Victoria. And I had to pay like $50,000 in hotel damages!

I saw that! Didn't you get barred for life from a hotel in Melbourne?

Yeah well, I was painting a lot. And I would paint in my hotel room, and then the paint would just get everywhere. So I had to pay to like, re-carpet, paint the room, buy a new TV; I got paint on the TV. (Laughs). I came home with a pretty hefty bill!

They should have had an exhibition of your work and charged an entry fee!

Well, my paintings would have to be like $5,000 each because that's how much they cost me to make! When you're in a hotel room, painting can get expensive!

The Dwarf In Conversation With Bam Margera

You planning on causing another ruckus or are you toning it down a bit this time?

Well, I was kind of in bad shape on that tour with the whole Ryan thing. But I finally got a band of pro dudes, which are from like, all my favorite bands. I kind of just called them all up one day, and they all said yeah so. I got Matt Deis from CKY; my brother is on drums. Andy McCoy is on guitar. We got Chuck Trees, this legendary bass player dude from Philly; he played in Bad Brains for a while. So I'm just lucky that I could pick the best of the best musicians, you know.

I mean, it's got to be really good, cause people are always weird about it. 'Woah, its a guy from TV, and he's started a band.' It's almost like a double edge sword. So I got to make sure when they see me at a festival or something, that I just rock the fuck out basically.

You often celebrate special occasions by getting a tattoo. Some fans choose to get the same tattoos as you, does that piss you off or are you cool with it?

Na, that's cool, I dig that. The funniest was when I did this show in England, and I had to tattoo some guy. And he wanted a dick, on his dick. That would have hurt. A lot. It's pretty sensitive, and that's like the worst place to get a tattoo, I would imagine.

I imagine so too! Ha ha, moving on. When do you arrive in Australia?

I'm heading to New Zealand for a show in Auckland on May 6. Then I head over to Australia for the Sydney show the following day!

With the latest announcement that Bam Margera will now be joined with that main-songwriter of Hanoi Rocks and Iggy Pop/U.K. Subs session-guitarist, Andy McCoy, the project has undergone a name change from Fuckface Unstoppable to Earth Rocker. Accompanying Bam and Andy on stage will be members from CKY, Viking Skull and Guttermouth.


Wednesday 6 May | ANU Bar – Canberra, ACT
w/ Foreign Kings

Thursday 7 May | Manning Bar – Sydney, NSW
w/ Mindshank
Friday 8 May | Alhambra Lounge – Brisbane, QLD
w/ Bayharbour
Saturday 9 May | The Small Ballroom – Newcastle, NSW
w/ Mindshank & Maids
Sunday 10 May | Mona Vale Hotel – Mona Vale, NSW
w/ Mindshank
Wednesday 13 May | The Entrance Leagues Club – Bateau Bay, NSW
w/ Mindshank
Thursday 14 May | Barwon Club – Geelong, VIC
w/ Wolfpack
Friday 15 May | Corner Hotel – Melbourne, VIC
w/ Wolfpack & Misfits Stunt Crew
Saturday 16 May | Fowlers – Adelaide, SA
w/ At Fates.
Sunday 17 May | Capitol – Perth, WA
w/ Children of Poseidon & Chainsaw Hookers
* All shows 18+
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