The Dwarf Conversations With: Seth Sentry

The Dwarf In Conversation With: Seth Sentry

We were lucky enough to chat with Seth Sentry ahead of his Run Tour, named after the recently released single 'Run', which kicks off in Queensland next weekend.

Seth! Thanks for chatting with us today!
We’ve been keeping an eye on your Facebook page, and there’s one thing we've got to get out of the way.. Whats your beef with pineapple?

I don’t have beef with pineapple, I just don’t like my pineapple with beef?

Oh, its the beef and pineapple together that you don’t like?

I just don’t like hot pineapple! Pineapple is a refreshing, summery fruit, it should be enjoyed cold. You can't eat it hot!

KFC recently stopped putting pineapple on their works burger, we thought maybe you had something to do with it?

Yeah that was me, I've been campaigning outside KFC with my ‘Say No to Pineapple' signs! Sorry.

Hmm, not happy. Totally disagree, pineapple makes a decent burger awesome.

Ah no.

We put a Facebook status in the lead up to this interview, hoping we might get some cool questions for you. We got a lot of comments like, 'I cant believe your talking to Seth Sentry, I hate you', and ‘You suck, I love Seth Sentry’. Clearly some people are a bit jealous that we are chatting with you today. You would get to do some pretty cool things, so you must cop a lot of that yourself?

Yeah. ‘You suck' and 'I hate you’. I get that all the time! You just got to try not to notice it.

We were talking about people being jealous of your success. (Laughs). So you just try to ignore any criticism?


How do you do that? Do you just turn a blind eye?

Ummm, I don’t know.. You just can't look at yourself. Don’t Google yourself. Don’t fuckin' read about yourself. Thats the key. If you get caught up and believe that you're the fuckin' best when someone writes something good about you, if you believe that, then you’ve also got to believe that you’re the shittest, and that you suck, when something bad is said about you… And you are neither of those extremes, you’re probably somewhere in the middle, you know!

You like to have a bit of fun, has anything really embarrassing ever happened to you in public or on stage as a result?

I can’t think of anything right now, not that I want to reveal anyway. I’m actually really honest, so anything embarrassing will usually come out in a song. I really don’t give a fuck.

I think that's what people like about you, they really respect your honesty.

Yeah. I always say things in songs, that I probably wouldn’t say to someone in a conversation. It’s weird. 'Cause I'm kind of telling the world stuff that I wouldn’t tell a mate at a pub. I don’t know why I do that.

So have you ever received any cool perks as a result of your fame?

Yeah, once I shared a picture on Facebook with a caption that said: ’I have never tasted bong water. But I assume it tastes like this. Avoid’. After that, I had a different iced tea company call me up and say, ‘We've got some iced tea that doesn’t taste like bong water, if you’d like to try it!' I
ended up scoring a few slabs of really good tasting ice tea out of that! Hell yeah, that was well worth it.

What a score!
We loved your Frenzal Rhomb cover on Triple J a few years ago, your music taste is obviously very broad. Have you got a favourite song from 2014?

Ummm probably 'Oh My Darling Don't Cry' by Run The Jewels.

Awesome. Good song.

We've heard you're feeling all grown up now that you’ve turned 30. Does that mean you’ll be giving up the video game habit?

No! Games aren't for kids. Nintendo Wii is for kids. You see, an Xbox is for fucking grown ups, for distinguished gentleman like myself. I must say though, I have way less time to play these days, its kind of a luxury. I maybe get to do it every couple of months now.

You were meeting people and playing Xbox games with them online weren’t you? They’ll be missing you!

Yeah, its cool, cause you make a lot of friends doing music, from all around the country, and you don’t get to hang out with as much as you’d like. So Xbox is a way to kind of feel like you’re doing something together.

So you and all your music friends play Xbox together?

Yeah, like half of the Australian rap community are on either Xbox or Playstation.

So that's the place to go to make hip friends then? What if you suck at video games?

Hell yeah, its the place to be. But you gotta know people’s gamer tags to find specific people though. And if you’re no good at gaming, you’d probably get paid out, for sure. If you couldn’t handle people on Facebook telling you that you suck, you wont last, five minutes on Xbox.

Good point.
So you’ve copped a bit of flack for being a bit slow with the album. When answering questions about your album’s release you were telling people it will out in two thousand and….. then trailing off into a mumbling murmur. Are glad that time has almost come?

I never said that! Well, maybe I did. But last time it took me four years. This time, it’s probably only gonna take me two years. That's like half. That's like 100% I’ve cut off there. That's pretty good.

Massive improvement.
'The Waitress Song' is probably your most popular single. We hear that you finally worked up the courage to go into the cafe and play her the song, and she had left the job the day
before. Any news on her whereabouts?

Na, but if you wanna hear a part two to that, I wrote a sort of sequel to that song. Horrorshow did a song called 'Nice Guys Finish Last' and they did a remix of it with Drapht and I on it. And the verse in that is about 'The Waitress'.

So the tour begins next weekend, you’re hitting Brisbane first? Are you excited?

Yes, at The Hi-Fi in Brisbane on Friday 20th and then Maroochydore at the Solbar Saturday 21st.
Really looking forward to this tour, it’s going to be so good.

Seth Sentry Tour Run Dates
Friday, 20th February 2015
The Hi-Fi, Brisbane
Tickets: Oztix

Saturday, 21st February 2015
Solbar, Maroochydore
Tickets: Oztix

Saturday, 28th February 2015
The Republic, Hobart
Tickets: Oztix

Saturday, 7th March 2015 – SOLD OUT
The Hi-Fi, Melbourne
Tickets: Oztix

Sunday, 8th March 2015
The Hi-Fi, Melbourne
Tickets: Oztix

Thursday, 12th March 2015
The Cambridge, Newcastle
Tickets: Oztix

Friday, 13th March 2015
Metro Theatre, Sydney (All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix

Saturday, 14th March 2015
ANU Bar, Canberra
Tickets: Oztix

Thursday, 19th March 2015
Prince Of Wales, Bunbury
Tickets: Oztix

Friday, 20th March 2015
Metropolis, Fremantle
Tickets: Oztix

Saturday, 21st March 2015 – SOLD OUT
The Gov, Adelaide (All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix

Sunday, 22nd March 2015 – NEW SHOW
The Gov, Adelaide (All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix

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