Starky get Xed

Sydney band, Starky are touring with Gerling, who put on a great show with their new rock sound, and are promoting x-box at university shows all over Australia. The Naked Dwarf caught up with drummer Saul, about the new album and giving money to Bill Gates.


Starky met about three years ago, passing in corridors and pubs as they played with other bands. No members had any formal training before they evetually decided to hook up.


"We all started out as big fans of music, then you just get the urge to create it. We've all had lessons at some stage, but mostly self taught."


Despite the "emo" tag and various other labels, Saul has a very simple description for his bands.


"I wouldn't say we're emo. I'd just say we're a rock band. No further sub-categories."


Three years on and the band are now playing University shows promoting game console X-box. Great, they get to promote their new album and get paid, not true.


"We didn't get paid, but I'm sure Bill Gates sold some more x-boxes that week so...... jokes on us."


So maybe the technology has changed but in true rock 'n' roll tradition bands are still getting fucked over by the corporate industry.


As well as helping Micosoft sell a few X-boxes Starky also promoted their new single ‘Hey bang bang', Saul says it's "about love gone wrong". In true Starky tradition, there's a few all ages gigs on the tour, a personal favourite for the band.


"Last night we did an all age's show as part of our tour with After The Fall, all age's gigs are always favourites."


So, what advice would they give to a young band starting out?


"Just try and enjoy it, if it's no longer fun, it's probably time to do something else", The band keeps motivated by. "Listening to other bands and artists."


For those wondering what's happening next, Saul says,


"After this current tour, we'll be shooting a video in New Zealand, then back on the road with Gerling for a national tour."

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