Screamfeeder - big in Japan?

Jebediah are celebrating 10 years together by touring around Australia, Downsyde will no doubt party on next year as they celebrate the decade milestone. Screamfeeder, never a band to make a fuss, let their milestone pass with minimal celebration. They are now 12 years old.


Fans of the bands far and wide shouldn't expect to see them in their towns any time soon. Their low profile and modesty has made it hard for them to book a gig.


"We continually find that people in small towns either have never heard of us or think we're a metal band, so we're always having weird reactions," guitarist and lead singer, Tim Steward says.


Not that they mind keeping things nice and simple," Steward says, "Minimal keeps it fun and focused."


And minimal it has been for the past few years with the band releasing only a smattering of minis and EPs and keeping themselves firmly based in hometown Brisbane. Is it a case of studio phobia?


Steward says no.


"We love it but we just didn't have enough songs for an album at the moment. We would all move into a studio together if we could."


A lack of LPs the bands insistence on staying in the "boring" (their own words) town of Brisbane could contribute to why they haven't hit the "big time" – not that that stopped fellow townies Regurgitator or Powerderfinger.


But this pop rock trio are happy where they are. Not that they give the glowing report of the Brisvegas scene like other, less enlightened fellows do.


"Most people get together with their mates, drink beer and form bands," Steward says, "on the whole most bands are pretty bad but there are some excellent young bands around at the moment."


Too much time in a small town can get your down, but it won't be long before the band have a chance to stretch their itchy feet, heading to Japan later this year.


Lucky for Steward, who claims he's the best chef in the band at the moment, "my fave dish is raw tuna, with chives, wasabi, lemon juice, Spanish onion and capers on a bed of cold Japanese noodles."


The band wont be going anywhere yet, at least not before hitting Australian audiences with some shows and a taste of their new EP, which Steward says takes the band back. Way back.


"We managed to capture "something". The EP is a bit all over the place with studio and home recordings, old and new songs, but I reckon it hangs together pretty well. There's one song in particular that sounds like VERY early, almost pre Screamfeeder (madmen) days - simple droning pop."


Screamfeeder's new 7 track EP is out now. www.screamfeeder.com.

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