Laura Imbrubila - Shakes Things Up

On the release of her eponymous debut album, The Dwarf caught up with Laura Imbruglia, Natalie's indie sister. Much has been made of the two sisters polar oppositions in musical inclinations. However, Imbruglia, has no thoughts of changing her name to try and hide the family association 'No I would feel weird playing under a different name, and I think it's just my name, I just figure I just have to stick it out and if you've got any worth people will realise it'


Imbruglia's musical influences span from Queen to the Carpenters, citing a love for Karen Carpenter's voice. But if you ask her, owing possibly to this range of influence she describes as ‘eclectic'. The pundits have described Imbruglia's music as pop-punk, with a sense of humour. Her new album sees a distinct change in direction for Imbruglia as she explains ‘With the first EP the bulk of it was intended to get a laugh, but now I would class myself as a musician not a comedian.'


Imbruglia's method of live performance has also changed; having previously performed solo with an acoustic guitar, he upcoming tour sees her playing electric and acoustic guitar and well as being backed by a full a band. The Dwarf asked Imbruglia, how her music differs now she is with the band ‘I guess you can dance to it now; I've got a drummer that will keep me in time'. Whilst her answer may appear flippant, don't allow it to betray her professionalism; she had lessons as a kid on keyboard as a kid at high school, and she taught herself guitar in high school.


A couple of the songs on the new album, make specific reference to the state of the Australian music industry; The Dwarf and Imbruglia discussed the trend of contemporary Australian bands to look to the past rather than producing an original sound. As Imbruglia explained ‘I don't understand what the need is for nostalgia, it bothers me that people, that there is no sound for this age, I mean people knew what the sixties and seventies sounded like that was a specific sound, but I can't think of a sound that is unique to this era'.


Being an independent musician The Dwarf also asked Imbruglia her views on Australian idol ‘I think it's pretty lame, I don't understand the point of it, I mean the people competing in it, must know that it doesn't guarantee any success, any lengthy career or anything, It's just stupid I don't understand the appeal of it'. Moreover, Imbruglia has invaluable advice for young bands ‘Be humble and you will make friends as you get out there'. Imbruglia further explains that she attracted some very strange fans in her travels, but she didn't want to single anyone out because, after all, they are her fans.


So with these views in hand, check out her new release and a show, for a unique Australian sound.

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