Last Dinosaurs : Far From Extinct

"We idolised both of those bands (Red Riders and Lost Valentino's) ... their sound influenced our earlier stuff... It was just amazing, I suppose to (so early in our development) have a chance to do this (perform) on our own... Those gigs prepared us for what we've encountered on the way!"


That's Sam from the Last Dinosaurs lamenting about supporting a number of fellow Australian artists, including the lovely Red Riders and the Last Valentino's.


The Last Dinosaurs are barely legal, with members ages ranging from 17 to 21. So how is the music dream going for the young lads?


"I am a little impatient - it is a lot of sitting around! (he says laughing) - I've got a day job," he says.


The band has been a little busy lately, and have released a film clip for their track ‘ Honolulu' shot on a Farm.


"We got to write the bulk of our upcoming album there at the farm... some of the trees, they are all facing in one direction and it affected the film clip. ...at times there was intense boredom. I read three books: Anthony Bordene's ‘ Kitchen Confidential'; Michael Chugg ‘ Hey you in the black t-shirt' and ‘ Catcher in the Rye'."


Like a lot of new, up and comers in Australia, the Last Dinosaurs have received phenomenal support from Triple J, who consistently prove that they support the birth of new Australian music. Sam then mentions that the band didn't even know it had an Unearthed profile on the station's website - highlighting what a nice surprise it was for them.


"...they (Triple J) picked up Honolulu - a demo version and we became feature artist for the week. Dew Process is our label, they have a lot of exciting bands on their roster," he says.


So how did the Last Dinosaurs fare, post the devastating Brisbane floods?


"Our houses weren't affected luckily - the house next door to the drummer had a horse in a paddock. The High School Oval ended up having 50 horses that had no idea what was going on," he says.


"It was a surreal experience driving to visit this horse... I did have to go close to the river at some stages but Brisbane has bounced back."


So does Sam have a significant other, I query post Valentine's Day?


"I break hearts wherever I go... I try to treat them like princesses... I spent Valentines Day alone with my mother. We both ended up on our own... why not take advantage of this stupid tacky day - i very nearly bought her some flowers!" Sam said.


So what else is he looking forward to other than playing awesome music to the masses? What other things is he passionate about?


"Very excited for the Super 15 to start, I support the Queensland Reds... I am a mad fan... you wouldn't pick it if you met me but I worship them ... they (the rest of the band) don't believe its a sport! I try and control it but when I get to the games...," he says laughing.

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