Lanie Lanie

Lanie Lanie

It’s been three years since Sydney-born Australian songwriter Lanie Lane released her debut album To the Horses. After chart success, signing to Ivy League Records, winning awards, recording with Jack White and playing sold out shows across the country, is Lanie the same person she once was? Her new record, Night Shade, will give listeners the full lowdown but Lanie was nice enough to talk to The Dwarf and share a little background.

“I’ve always been someone who changes a lot”, she says, “this album will be the first time that a wide group of people other than my friends and family will see that change”.

Lead single “Celeste” is out, giving fans a sneak peak at that change. Her guitar compositions have evolved in complexity and her vocal delivery sound more compassionate and personal.

“Celeste is not a person, she’s a feeling. She’s my intuition, my instincts. She’s the one who points me in the right direction. Celeste is energy, rather than a person.”

It’s a step forward from her debut, which featured a blues and roots sound and shorter songs. To the Horses reflected what she was listening to at the time and she knew how the album would turn out. With Night Shade, it was not as straightforward.

“This one wasn't as spelled out for us. We didn't know exactly what we wanted to do, so we had to be very receptive to the subtle pointers the songs wanted us to go to...I don’t really know how to categorise it.”

Despite the uncertainties at the beginning and the wide range of elements of the finished songs, Lanie wouldn't describe the writing process of this record as harder, but as a “mental exercise”.

“It is trusting the flow and trusting my instincts. “Salute” for example doesn't have a big chorus, but that’s what the song wanted to do.”

Lanie first started writing for the album while she was on tour, but most of the songs were written in her home in the Victorian bush.

“I've been living out here for a couple of years now. I much prefer to live in nature and out of the city. That’s part of my life, it just suits me better.”

Lanie has embraced the remoteness of her home, and says one of her favourite things to do is to “sit in the bush and have a little fire”, describing it as “a healthy TV”. When she’s not playing music, Lanie enjoys heading out into the bush and making sculptures of things she finds and taking photos of them.

Lanie’s vocals on Night Shade were recorded in her bedroom, reflecting the intimacy of songs partly inspired by living in isolation.

Some artists seem to have ideas flowing all the time, but for Lanie this new record is the end of a creative chapter. For the time being, she has given it all she has.

“I’m not really writing music at the moment, because I don’t have anything new to say yet in terms of’s good to go with when it happens.”

Later this month, Lanie will be playing tour dates around the country.

“It’s quite an intimate record, so I’m happy to be playing shows that sort of suit it. If people resonate with the album we might do bigger venues”.

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