Kisschasy - Do-dos, wo-oahs and 2 minute noodles

Kisschasy are a pop band and they don't have a problem with admitting it.


This quartet of guys from the Mornington Peninsula recently released their debut album United Paper People and have spent the better part of this year touring.


They are currently on a small break which bass player Joel Vanderuit says "is rare" but are soon embarking on their own headline tour - finishing up at Homebake.


Their latest single ‘Do-dos and wo-oahs' is so infectious and catchy that you cant help but sing along and is also a reminder that music doesn't always have to be so serious and you are allowed to have fun with it.


"Darren (Cordeux, lead singer) writes the songs, it's a really simplified process. He writes stuff that happens to him as opposed to having something given to you by a writer which is what about 80% of pop bands do. Just every day happenings. ‘Do-dos' is basically taking the piss out of the music scene. It's just simple fun. Not too serious."


Even though the average age of the band is 20, Kisschasy have already toured with the likes of Shihad, Pennywise and Gyroscope. So what does Vanderuit think he'd be doing if he wasn't ripping up stages across the country night after night?


"Well, I'd still be at school. I really liked it. I started uni and it just got to be too much with the band in the end, but I guess I would be doing a visual communications course. I really love learning things. On tour I started to get a bit bored so I went and got some books, like Stephen Hawkins. If I don't do anything for a while my brain starts to go stagnant."


Speaking of touring, Kisschasy recently supported After the Fall on their latest sold out tour.


"That was awesome! They are really, really nice guys. We also toured with Shihad this year but we found the crowds didn't get into us as much because they were more of a metal audience. But After the Fall were great. Just really, really cool," Vanderuit beams.


So they've toured with a swag of top bands but is there anyone they have the desire to work with?


"I think it would be ridiculously good to work with Robert Smith (of The Cure). That would be really cool. I know if it were still possible Darren would love to work with Kurt Cobain. I guess I would also like to work with Benjamin Gibbard of the Postal Service," Vanderuit enthuses.


The band also worked with American mixer Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Evermore) and Vanderuit says the experience was a positive one.


"Yeah, he was really cool - so down to earth and a super friendly guy. We didn't really spend much time in the actual mixing room with him, as they don't like you to do that. We just popped our heads in every 6 hours or so to see how he was going. He listened to our suggestions and was very open minded about the whole thing," Vanderuit says.


During this time the guys slept on floors and ate two-minute noodles, just so they could afford to have Jones mix their album. I felt compelled to ask the really hard hitting question. What flavour noodles?


"Oriental. Definitely. I don't mind the beef, but no chicken though," Vanderuit laughes.

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