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Sydney's homegrown hero Josh Pyke is perhaps one of Australia's most renowned and adored singer-songwriters of recent times. His beautiful, acoustic recordings have been exponentially popular and are unanimously acclaimed. Pyke's popularity certainly isn't confined to a local fan base, with followers from across the globe, including rather large support in the UK, his second home. His previous two albums Memories & Dust and Chimney's Afire both were recipients of ARIA awards and even chart placing, but all of which has no real effect on the highly humble musician. "I never expected to get any ARIA's from the first two albums, but they both did, which was amazing. To be honest, I don't think that awards are that important to me and my reasoning for recording albums, however I'm so grateful for the ones I've already got."


Only Sparrows is set to be another one of Pyke's brilliant album releases, and with each album, he is showing more and more evolution and progression into a denser and becoming more of a band than a solo artist. "On previous albums, I feel that I was kind of discovering who I was and the sound that I needed. This album is more of a coming-of-age time for me and it was really a conscious decision to record as a band, rather than just me playing, like it was earlier."


To accompany Only Sparrows, Josh Pyke will be embarking on a national tour, visiting the major cities and a few regional areas. With his popularity increasing by the day, it seemed like a perfectly natural idea to upgrade to larger venues this time around. "I love playing both the larger events and intimate shows, for different reasons. In some smaller ones, it's a lot more intimate and you engage with the audience a lot more. Sometimes people even start talking to me mid-show, which is always amusing. But then I do love a larger show, they really get the adrenaline going and it can still manage to be as intimate as the solo shows. I feel it was probably best to step out of the smaller clubs and onto a bigger stage."


His popularity has also been reciprocated overseas, with quite the substantial fan base growing predominantly within the UK. "Now that I have my own family, I think touring Australia is far more convenient for me, but then I do just love travelling. I'm going for a really quick tour over in the UK in October, before I come back home to do my tour here, but doing something different overseas is really quite rewarding at times."


Despite being incredibly successful and popular across the globe, one thing that has always been a wonderful attribute of Josh Pyke, is his engagement with his fans. This was shown this year, by his ‘Fans First' tour, which saw Pyke perform a handful of intimate shows, just for those belonging to his fan club. "The Fans First tour was something that meant a lot to me, I do love playing in smaller venues as it is, but I just wanted to do something for the fans. Playing music is now my full time career and I would never have become as successful as I am today without those core fans that come to gigs and buy records, so I never lose sight of that fact, because they are the ones who got me where I am. It was really just a thank you to everyone who has supported me."


The future looks incredibly bright for Josh Pyke, whose records are increasingly becoming successful and loyal fan base rapidly spreading across the globe and if there is anyone who deserves it, it is this man. His genuinely kind and appreciative nature is conveyed throughout each aspect of his musical career, which makes for one of the most talented and appealing Australian musicians around today.

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