Jeff Lang

A man renowned for his musical prowess with his vast collection of stringed instruments, Melbourne singer/songwriter Jeff Lang is about to hit the road for a collection of intimate shows to present us with his latest offering, "Carried In Mind."


With over 14 albums to his name, Jeff collaborated with good friends and long time colleagues Grant Cummerford (bass) and Danny McKenna (drums) on "Carried In Mind", plus a little help on Pedal Steel from Garret Costigan.


The majority of the songs are new, finding their way to paper in the last 6 months. One or two are a little older, another much older.


"One of the songs was written 16 years earlier, and has just been hanging around waiting for a suitable home til now", Jeff revealed.


The business of recording itself was over in just a couple of days, but it was 'a good fun recording.'


"I'm happy to put this album out, as happy as I can be. The songs are an honest representation of where I was at and what they should be at the time of recording, but they will continue to evolve and move forward," Jeff stated.


"Carried In Mind" will be available as a limited edition double CD set at Jeff's shows, as he launches his album across the country. The bonus CD will contain alternative versions of a few of the tunes, and a bonus track or two thrown in for good measure.


Having just returned from playing a few shows over in sunny England, Jeff is 'just about to crank into it' playing shows all across the country from Fremantle, to Mullumbimby to his home away from home - The Republic Bar in Hobart.


" I've been going to Tassy since the early days, since I used to play shows at the Uni's. They are very supportive of the arts at the Republic Bar, it's like a second home," Jeff shared. " And it's always fun to have a new batch of songs to play."


For a man who owns and plays a vast collection of stringed instruments,Jeff will be travelling light on this tour.


" I'm only taking 3 different guitars with me on this tour," Jeff said. "Plus the band, with a bass and drums and the pedal steel."


And Jeff believes a live show should be a unique experience, not just an uninspired rehash of the recording.


"Playing these songs, there's a scope within them to improve night after night, you don't just want to recreate the recorded sound. You have to have some of the essence, the spirit of the here and now, with the song going somewhere, somewhere good," Jeff revealed.


Then straight after this tour finishes, Jeff will be off to India for a new project with Tabla maestro Bobby Singh, then there's a little down time in December before festival season hits. " I love being on the road," Jeff shared." It' s a big part of who I am, and it's helped shape what I am."

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