Is Adam Lambert A Good Enough Replacement For Freddie?

Is Adam Lambert A Good Enough Replacement For Freddie?

The news has reached us that Queen will be touring Australia shortly. This has us excited, but fans are divided. Purists have been quick to denounce Adam Lambert (an American Idol ring-in organised by Brian May to replace the late Mercury) based on the fact that he is not quite Freddie, but we believe he may be the best replacement. Considering his onstage pastiche and obvious embodiment of the Queen shtick we at The Dwarf are at least inclined to take a closer look.

Adam Lambert with Queen at the iHeart Radio Music Festival, 2013

Forgiving his gratuitously overblown vibrato, it's clear Adam holds sufficient technique as a vocalist to deliver 'We Will Rock You' and 'We Are The Champions' in tandem. Note his climatic ascension during the latter track as he sings "I've had my share of sand kicked in my face / but I've come through". Darned if he doesn't give us chills the way Freddie did.

Somebody To Love, then

His legato is the slightest bit unhinged, but there's an undeniable attitude to his voice you can't argue with. He's obviously a scholar of Freddy; his vocal nuances, rhythmic placement of notes all remind of Mercury's style. Adam seems a dutiful place-holder at the very least, even if you don't like him.

A little bit faster, now

So there are some cracks in Adam's totally fab stage faux armour. He's a little off here, and by off, we mean that semi-acapella intro is flat as a witch's tit.

The true test

So he's a bit shrill. What can you do? Even Freddie wasn't on every night.

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