In The Grey

Hailing from the shy and backward lands of coastal central New South Wales, In The Grey has "Livingston-ed" their way out of the musical jungle and clambered their way into the horridly blinding glare of stage lights. How they managed to get there, though, is no accident or mere stroke of "beginner's luck".


Their first full length offering Innocence Is Running Out pulls on the heart strings and serves up a sound that can only be described as incendiary. Being warmly embraced by the Australian-Alternative power players Triple J and trailed by a succession of glowing reviews concerning their national "Crossing Borders" tour, these five young men have arisen from the lowly depths of musical obscurity, to the soaring heights of the Triple J Airwaves. All within the short space of 2 years one might add.


Whilst many young acts are struggling against what seems insurmountable odds in the industry, In The Grey have risen to a position higher up in the rock 'n' roll food chain, than most rise to in a lifetime. But how do these young misfits, armed with a musical vision, a selection of heart wrenching tunes and a van named PAJ feel about this lavishing of love and fame thrust upon them?


"As a band we've always been pretty level minded and always set ourselves higher goals then what we already have," calmly replies Adam Byrne, In The Greys vocalist. "So in our minds we have a long way to go still but yes we are very grateful of where we are at this present time and there's no stopping now."


With the entire cool, calm and collected attitude aside, the boys ARE still boys on the local scene. Though they have played with some of Australia's biggest movers and shakers such as Grinspoon and The Living End, it appears In The Grey still feel the growing pains that come with the territory of playing in a bigger league. "Watching these bands every night made us feel very small and also made us realise how far we have to go to reach these bands levels as they have been touring for years and it shows in their live performances," he says. It may simply be a matter of time before these five lads are the ones showing the new comers the ropes. Being on a Triple J rotation can do nothing but provide a multitude of new fans for them. Those already exposed to their hypnotic haze of sound would testify to the bands drawing ability. Though this is by no means something the boys accept without a lot of heartfelt appreciation. "I still get so stoked when I hear the song on the radio every time. Triple J we love you." "The support of Triple J is something we are so happy about as a lot of people are so loyal to this radio station so our songs do get out to a lot of new ears." When all is said and done it is clear to see that In The Grey are set to be a group that will make a mark on the face of Australian rock. But still, all the trappings of rock n roll aren't all rave reviews and adoring fans... "If you see a BIG RED TRUCK with a trailer on it in the middle of the desert please help us..."

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