I Want YOU - In The Mood: The Glenn Miller Orchestra

I Want YOU - In The Mood: The Glenn Miller Orchestra

It was September 1939. The world was staggering from the greatest depression to have ever occurred on the heels of the First World War. Then Germany invaded Poland, and what was on the radio? Glenn Miller Band's #1 smash hit, 'In The Mood'.

For those that haven't heard it, 'In The Mood' is upbeat, big-band swing and that's the hallmark of the music accompanying the second World War. Hang on a minute; a war, then a depression, then another war, and we're listening to upbeat swing?

Glenn Miller Band was escapism at its finest. The vision of the casino cocktail high life permeated the minds of people living from ration books and 'make do and mend' mentalities, in much the same way that 50 Cent captured the ghetto with Get Rich or Die Trying. When things are shit, we'll buy the dream thanks very much.

We've had revivals up the wazoo over the last 20 years. From Hobart's swing dancing harems, to salsa dancers pissing everyone off on the dance floor, and Hobart has the largest number of burlesque troupes per capita than any city in the southern hemisphere.*

Now I appreciate a shimmy from a scantily clad lady as much as the next bloke, but sometimes culture revivals can seem . . I don't know . . sometimes a little naff? Definitely a bit cliquey and perhaps retro just to be different. Maybe I'm at risk of sinking ships saying that, but why do we do it? I reckon I know some of the reason. It's cos we like to buy the dream, and nostalgia is a sexy dream.

'Keep Calm and Carry On' posters are running out the door of Habitat at a rate of knots which would indicate to me that we're reaching a tipping point for World War II 'chic'. Why that in particular? Is it because the world seems to be in financial turmoil and we're buying a dream . . perhaps, things certainly seemed a lot simpler back then. And the 'chic' of an era is certainly quite different from its harsh realities.

But there's one big reason that I get, and it's something that I get to the core as someone who has been known to don a suit of armour and hit blokes with a wooden sword (and take a turn around a dance floor in tights and a doublet)...Men get to be gentlemen and women get to be ladies. I'm not going to get into a debate on this, I'm not making any value judgement either, other than to say that it's fun. And also glamorous, so much more glamorous!

So I reckon I'll buy into this one a little bit. I'm gonna dust off my grey pin stripe double breaster and go watch the ultimate 40s sound track band, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, and maybe down a few Manhattans while I'm at it.

* figure may be totally fabricated.


The Glenn Miller Orchestra have an extensive tour coming up across the country, you can catch them at the following:

- State Theatre, Sydney, October 11, 12 and 13
- Dubbo Regional Performing Arts Centre, Dubbo, October 14
- The Glasshouse, Port Macquarie, October 16
- Albury Entertainment Centre, Albury, October 19
- Canberra Theatre, Canberra, October 20
- Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, Nowra, October 21
- Brolga Theatre, Maryborough, October 25
- Events Centre, Caloundra, October 26
- Civic Theatre, Cairns, October 27
- Townsville Civic Theatre, Townsville, October 31
- Mackay Entertainment Centre, Mackay, November 1
- Empire Theatre, Toowoomba, November 2
- Twin Towns Services Club Auditorium, Coolangatta, November 3
- QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane, November 4
- Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, November 6 and 7
- Arts Centre - Hamer Hall, Melbourne, November 9, 10 and 19
- Princess Theatre, Launceston, November 11
- Wrest Point Casino, Hobart, November 13
- Albany Entertainment Centre, Albany, November 15
- Burswood Theatre, Perth, November 17 and 18
- Bunbury Entertainment Centre, Bunbury, November 18
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