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Hermitude - Entrepreneurs of groove

"The rawness, the accent of course and all the shit about drinking beer."


As much as Aussie hip hop is an ever changing facet on the face of Australian music something shall always remain constant as one half of Hermitude, Elgusto, clearly states.


It is a genre that is repeatedly having its boundaries redefined and its meaning reinvented by young artists who possess the talent and musical genius to shape it as they see fit. At the forefront of Aussie hip hop's next stage of musical evolution are the diabolical beat fiends known as Hermitude.


Elgusto and Luke Dubs are two young men from the Blue Mountains dishing out the latest in back beats and funk laced tunes to satisfy the ear drums of eager punters everywhere. Having released a seven track EP Imaginary Friends to rave reviews back in their dawning days of 2002 and to the present with the release of Alleys to the Valley, the lads have now set out to preach their good vibe gospel to the masses with their latest tour.


"The tours seems to be going quite well so far." says Elgusto.


He further goes on to say -


"We've done our home town launch in Katoomba, which was also the support spot for Lyrics Born. That was a HUGE night....mad fun. We've done Brissy and Byron which we're fun too. Although the numbers weren't massive in Brissy, everyone in there was having a great time including us!"


It's a given that Hermitude have the ability to lay down a foundation of sound that gets hips shaking and the heads bouncing to their rich audio flow. Having a wealth of hip hop history under their belts the boys it seems were predestined to forge a name amongst their peers on this fledgling scene and it is a new scene given all due consideration. Though this is by no means something that hinders it. Gathering converts from all over the nation, it only seems like something that can only get bigger and outlive any doubts of it being a trend status. "It will keep growing. it's still only really a baby at the moment." he says.


"But things do change and maybe it will take a turn somewhere along the line."


If things are set to get bigger, Hermitude will be riding the high. With all chambers fully loaded to sweet talk the international market into submission, the boys are ready to hit the overseas scene.


"We really want to get our stuff over seas, so thats the next step for us at the moment. We're heading over to Europe early next year to meet with a few people and hopefully do some shows. Basically just checking it out and testing the waters."


Though it hardly seems a matter of sink or swim as far as it's concerned with Hermitude. Their ability to graft and play upon sound is already carving out a bright future for them. Maybe the planets have yet to align or perhaps the hip hop gods are waiting for the right moment to hail in their new prophets of groove to world. Whatever the case, only time shall really tell where we will find these boys. Though they do have ideas of their own.


"Selling albums world wide and chilling on my own fruit farm with my lady drinking alcohol mixed with juice from the farm," he calmly states Best of luck to them...

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