Gold Fields: Climbing The Treehouse

Gold Fields' singer Mark Fuller is taking some time out from the craziness which is the 2011 Parklife tour to reflect on the past year for his band Gold Fields. He speaks with a mixture of modesty and nonchalance, considering the band has just returned from six weeks recording their debut album in the States.


" The last year's been awesome," Mark says. " We're coming up to our one year anniversary since our first ever show, which is a bit weird to think about because it feels like it's been a lot longer than a year, but at the same time, it feels like it's flown by really quickly.


"It was only about the start of last year that we started jamming together and writing music. We recorded ‘Treehouse' in Vin's [Andanar] bedroom then uploaded it to Unearthed and then Triple J started playing it. It seems like a blur up until now!"


With songs like ‘The Woods' and ‘Moves' being thrashed on Triple J, Gold Fields are becoming synonymous with powerful percussion and strong vocal work. For Fuller and co, their approach to making music has always been simple.


" We just try and write music that we like and think is fun and [what] we want to be playing. When we first started writing, we were writing southern dark rock and it was making us depressed. We thought we'd write something happier and so we wrote and recorded ‘Treehouse'. It's probably the happiest and brightest song we've written and maybe it's the brightest song we'll ever write. It's definitely fun to play and I guess if we think it's fun to play, people will think it's fun to listen to."


Having played at most of the major venues across the country and now with a few overseas shows under their belts, Gold Fields are still at the heart of it all; five boys from Ballarat who got their first run at the Karova Lounge.


"It's a really tight-knit little music scene because there's not a lot of people and there's only one venue," Mark says. "We played our first show at the Karova Lounge on a Wednesday night because our first show was actually supposed to be in Sydney in front of all these suits and we needed to practice. We never played in Ballarat properly until our fourth or fifth show."


Having supported Miami Horror and The Holidays, Gold Fields are taking the headlining reins and heading out during November across the country.

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