Franz Ferdinand's Right Thoughts

Franz Ferdinand's Right Thoughts

Not many bands manage to sustain such fervent fanfare for as long as Franz Ferdinand. 10 years after the release of mega hit, 'Take Me Out', the Glaswegian art rockers have returned with their fourth album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. While it has not received the critical acclaim their previous efforts, it has earned them a new legion of fans, and, perhaps more importantly, kept their old ones happy.

“The shows have been going really well,” explains Bob Hardy, the bassist of the band, who has just come off the back of three months of solid festival appearances in the northern summer, “they (the songs) fit in to the set quite well. We’ve really been enjoying playing them.”

Right Thoughts… is a throw back to the Art Rock styling that made them such a hit with their first two albums, a decision that was not consciously made, but organically developed.

“You can’t escape the fact that we’ve played those records, they’re part of us as a band,” Hardy observes, “every time you make a record you learn something. So when you go in to make a new one you take that lesson, and you kind of use it and adapt it.”

In this regard, Right Thoughts… seems to be a departure from their most recent effort, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, which was easily the most adventurous album to date, dabbling into the wide world of electronica and dub.

“I think on (third album) Tonight…, we had a lot of experimentation with sounds and sonic, electronically. This time around we took aspects of that and we put them on to songs less overtly,” says Hardy, “but it’s all still in there!

“What we learnt was that some of the songs off Tonight… weren’t as direct and poppy as previous albums and we missed that. So we took some of that and we tried to inject that more concise song writing that existed on our earlier records.”

The number of producers bought in for the record has expanded this synthesis. Working with European electronic heavyweights such as Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, Björn Yttling and Todd Terje, Right Thoughts…, is very much the product of collaboration.

“Well with Alexis and Joe, they had just finished making their own record, so I think they were excited to work with some guitarists for a change,” laughed Hardy, “it was good to get them in the studio and observe them, steal their tricks.

“Working with Todd as amazing. He’d never worked with a band before, he’s like a lone, dance producer, working with other people was something new for him,” explained Hardy, “but by doing it (working with Terje) everything stays fresh, you don’t get stuck in ruts with personnel, things aren’t repeated.”

Franz Ferdinand will be touring Australia next month for a run of club shows, something which excites Hardy.

"Well I guess when you're playing your own club show, the crowd are there because they're your fans, they're there to see you and you alone," Hardy explains, "You've kind of got a bit more freedom to extend things and explore deeper cuts from new albums."

"We're really excited to come down to you guys, finally get a bit of sun and show you guys what we've got."

Franz Ferdinand Australian Tour Dates 2013

Thursday November 14 - The Forum, Melbourne
Friday November 15 - The Metro, Sydney
Sunday Nobember 17 - The Tivoli, Brisbane

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