Five Things You Didn't Know About TZU (But You Should!)

Five Things You Didn't Know About TZU (But You Should!)

1. Yeroc and Countbounce are (amateur) master chefs.

Ask them about any and all of your cooking conundrums. With Yeroc it runs in the family; one of his older brothers is the New Zealand Masterchef champion, and his mother holds the record for the world's largest scone.

2. PasoBionic is a keen rock climber.

Finally the lanky frame pays dividends. Years of trying to perfect crabs and flares also helped with tendon strength - it's all about tendon strength. Did you know there are no muscles in the human hand?

3. Joelistics started his musical adventures as a drummer in a punk band called the 'Mechanical Bumcheeks'.


4. Once shared the stage with Jet...BEFORE the Apple iPod ad!

At the 2002 Meredith Music Festival, TZU played after a relatively unknown band of skinny lads in tight black jeans. "Who are these skinny, sweaty rock lads?" Paso remembers thinking as TZU walked past them onto the stage. Those rock lads went on to conquer the world. That band was Jet.

5. Yeroc can levitate...well, kind of.

TZU's first EP (2001's um... just a liddlbidova mic check) featured an illustration on the cover of the four band members which was a tracing from a photo. After the initial run, Paso noticed that Yeroc seemed to be 'floating' and so dropped him back down to where he should be. Unbeknownst to anyone, Yeroc was standing on bricks for the photo shoot. Look out for the now special edition 'Yeroc In The Sky' version of the EP! Or as Yeroc likes to call it, the 'proper' version.

PasoBionic of TZU

Catch the TZU crew down at these gigs:

- Sol Bar, Maroochydore, September 21
- The Zoo, Brisbane, September 22
- Pelican Bar, Frankston, September 28
- Fern Tree Gully Hotel, Fern Tree Gully, September 29
- Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide, October 4
- Bar 120, Hillarys, October 5
- Amplifier Bar, Perth, October 6
- Prince of Wales, Bunbury, October 7
- The Patch, Woolongong, October 11
- Transit Bar, Canberra, October 12
- The Standard, Sydney, October 13
- Republic Bar, Hobart, October 19 and 20
- HiFi Bar, Melbourne, November 5
- Sprung Festival, Brisbane, November 10
- Queenscliff Music Festival, Queenscliff, November 23
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