Faux Defeated - $2 hair cuts are all they need

For Faux Defeated, recognition amongst the myriad of melodic hardcore bands littering the punk rock scene may seem like folly, but by gosh they're giving it the old college try.


Fresh off a tour of Tasmania, the five lads returned to their native Melbourne impressed by the response they received. Faux Defeated's guitarist Gurnid is effusive in his Ray Martin-like description of the Tassie music scene.


"It's not big in size but it's fucking huge in spirit, we were blown away by people's enthusiasm at the shows. People went fucking crazy." "The bands there were awesome as well. I knew of a couple of bands like the Scandal and Stand Defiant but when you get to Tassie you realise the list goes on," he said.


For those not yet initiated, Faux Defeated could be described as melodic hardcore, but don't say that when they're in earshot, they seem most eager to avoid being associated with fight dancing, $300 haircuts and other stereotypes associated with the genre.


"There are so many trendy fuckwit bands around and it's obvious they go about writing in a strategic manner. Those bands seem to sound the same. More often than not when you go to a show in Melbourne, you leave thinking you've just paid eight bucks to see four Bleeding Through cover bands," Gurnid says.


With having to compete with a litany of other melodic or screamo hardcore punk bands for the audience's ear, one might imagine Faux Defeated going to some lengths to differentiate themselves from their peers. But Gurnid insists Faux Defeated are far less methodical when crafting their songs.


"We just get a bunch of riffs and put them together to make a song. If it doesn't flow, ditch it or rearrange them."


"There's the melodic hardcore that follows an exact formula to the point of dressing the same and dancing like apes on uncut cocaine. Then there's bands that just do what they do and the only easy way to identify them is by calling them melodic hardcore," he said. Faux Defeated were born out of the remnants of Melbourne band Gearmuff after that band's drummer departed for overseas. Gearmuff alumni and Current Faux Defeated players Pete (vocals), Dean (guitar) and Luke (bass) then enlisted the help of Gurnid to take up a position on guitar and Ollie to fill the vacancy behind the drums.


Listening to the band, one is surprised at how quickly they've managed to hone their sound and form a cohesive melodic hardcore unit. But according to Gurnid, their range of musical stimuli is more eclectic than the usual suspects.


"Dean and I are into a lot of old thrash metal like Slayer, Metallica and the likes. But there's a pretty big punk rock influence all round in the band. Most us are into 88 Fingers Louie and a lot of other shit from that Fat Wreckchords era. Ollie our drummer gets into Rockabilly a fair bit. And there's been a bit of a Scandavian metal showing in our later stuff," he said.


While Faux Defeated may not have yet scratched out an indelible mark on the Australian music scene, or even graced the covers of the nation's street press rags. However they seemed to be comfortable with this level of relative anonymity. After all, they're still very much in the metaphorical gestation period, but we are promised more is still to come.


"You can download some stuff on mp3.com.au at the moment. We just recorded an EP that's in that middle stage of artwork, mastering yadda yadda. It should be out in the coming months."


"(We plan) to tour more. Nationally for a start and internationally soon enough. We'll hopefully be back to Tassie ASPA to promote a full length," he said.

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