Eagle and the Worm

With their beautiful debut album having just been released on the very cool Cotillion label (part of Warner Music) things are looking good for Melbourne collective Eagle and the Worm. Hanging out at the Warner office, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, founding member of Eagle and the Worm and all round nice guy Jarrad Brown took a little time out to have a chat with The Dwarf.


After years of playing in bands and experimenting with song writing and singing, Jarrad wanted to create something special. "I was a little tired of guitar based rock. I wanted a bigger band, more sounds, something different, a big show," Jarrad shared.


Luckily, Jarrad had an amazing bunch of very talented friends who felt the same. Everyone he asked were great friends, and incredible musicians, but there was something more important than talent he was looking for. "We had to have the right people, the right personalities for this to work. It just wouldn't work without the right chemistry, the right emotional chemistry".


Eagle and The Worm are definitely bigger than most bands, sporting eight members and a vast array of instruments - they have to have a certain chemistry. Besides one small line-up change at the very beginning, when their wonderful friend Ben found he had too many commitments to give the band his all, the fellowship hasn't wavered.


Touring with such a number of people cannot be too easy either but Jarrad wouldn't swap it for anything.


"It's fun and chaotic. It costs a little more, but you just swindle anything you can," Jarrad laughs."You have to be organised and book stuff nice and early, and make sure you all get to the airport really, really early too."


When Jarrad started to make music, there was no great ambition to make a huge album, just to make a great album. Eagle and the Worm's debut Good Times is certainly that. It's beautiful, melodic and rich sounding with a feel good rhythm, and instruments, lots of instruments.


But for such an amazing debut, there wasn't a great deal of planning or rehearsals that went into the recording of the album. It was a long, fun, chaotic jam session- a mixture of a little bedroom recording and about four days studio time.


"It's a little loose and raw, but it has that chemistry," Jarrad said. " It's got that eclectic feel of a bedroom record, but its got that balance between the home made and the studio."


Their first recording was a little double A side 7" that they only pressed 200 copies of and sold at their gigs. With the backing of a major record label, things have changed a little for the band now. "We're working on a slightly bigger scale now. Australia is enormous, the major cities are so far apart and this gives us the opportunity to reach more people".


And working with Warner label Cotillion will hopefully allow the band to reach that wider audience, and allow them 'to have a good time on a national level.'


A phenomenal line-up of amazingly talented musicians and a beautiful new album ready to greet the world, things are looking pretty good for Eagle and the Worm. Be sure to check out their debut album Good Times and be prepared to have a very good time listening to this fun and funky offering from this exceptional Melbourne collective.

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