Dwarf Exclusive: The Sordid Details of the Arcade Fire Divorce Revealed by The Reflektors

When The Reflektors poetically announced their separation from Arcade Fire earlier this month with an open letter many people were touched.

We here at The Dwarf were concerned for the wellbeing of the younger, more innocent Reflektors. We reached out to the band to check they were ok, in a frank and refreshingly honest interview.

In their own words:

Thank you Dwarf!

The interview was awesome. It was a great opportunity for us to think about everything that's been happening. It's the perfect moment to go back to our fans and make our thoughts clear.

We would also like to take this opportunity to share some sensitive documents with your readers. As you will see in the interview, we had no choice but to sign a divorce agreement with Arcade Fire. You will find a copy attached (see below).


In addition, we are including some of the notes that were generated with our lawyers as we outlined the terms of the agreement. You know, some of the negotiations got pretty strange.

Because we've been working on our next album and that we've had so many design related discussions with Arcade Fire (AF), we decided to also give you a sneak peak at the new look for the band. I'm sending you some of the possible covers that are in consideration. Feel free to publish them along with the interview.

Here, in all of its glory, are the ins and outs of the biggest bust up since The Beatles disbanded:

The Dwarf: Firstly, are you ok?

The Reflektors: We do feel ok.
You should know that in the meantime we are officialising the divorce. Unfortunately we had to go through legal procedures. It was just the easiest for everyone. Both the bands were way too involved.

Of course we didn't get everything we hoped for, but it was kind of obvious. They got custody of Montreal... So now we are trying to figure out where to move. Packing is taking forever. So, yeah, we still need to process some of our losses.

The Dwarf: Your break up letter repeatedly claimed "We do exist" but really, what is existing?

The Reflektors: Wow, that sounds so existential! Well, as you know, we were created as part of a much larger marketing strategy.

Arcade Fire's publicist said in reference to us: "It means being really, really creative and doing something that's unconventional, doing things that fit in with the alter ego perspective." So, in that sense, maybe they have even been too creative in creating us! And now look at the mess we're in!

The Dwarf: Is it a reflection on you or the company you keep that you seem so lonely in the crowd and yet you’re begging to be alone and seen for who you really are?
Or am I reading too much into the basic nightly struggle for a band of six to get their shit together and get onstage with any level of energy? (we’ve all been there)

The Reflektors: What we feel we need right now is a little time to be on our own, to process the suffering of these last weeks. To rest and reflect on this crazy intense tour. To get back in shape and focus on new projects.

You can imagine, the international tour was tough. We shared a lot of headaches. We played often and in a bunch of different countries (that was awesome of course).

Then the post-concerts got more and more stressful, fans were confused and they even didn't know how to tag their pictures on Instagram. Girls couldn't decide who to flirt with and stuff like that.

In the future we'll be able to make our own requests of our audience. Did you see what happened at Oxford University with the dress code?

The Dwarf: With your first independent tour coming up, where do you wish you could play? Any festival, any city, any time.
(Personally I’d love to see you on the road with Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.)

The Reflektors: Well, unfortunately the situation is really sensitive. There is a section in the divorce agreement that addresses this. It was hard to figure out a way to avoid performing together.

And AF are booking new dates everyday and anywhere. At the end we managed to keep Africa, Australia, Antarctica and some other minor continents. We are good friends with Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It would be great to play together, if they could manage to reach Liechtenstein.

The Dwarf: In preparing for your first independent tour are you hoping for Minneapolis punk rock/funk/new wave band The Suburbs to open for you?

The Reflektors: Well, I think we should be opening for them! It's pretty cool that they came back after 27 years and are touring again. I hope we can last for that long.

With this type of marketing construction (like ours) the life span tends to be much shorter. Bands like ours tend to vanish just in time for the implementation of the next phase in the marketing strategy.

The Dwarf: If you were to film ‘Here Comes The Day Time’, which celebs would you hope to have cameo?

The Reflektors: We would probably would ask some of our friends like Thomas Jacob Black or Alicia Augelio Cook or Lawrence Harvey Zeiger or maybe Mark Vincent. Oh fuck! I just realised we forgot to address celebrity collaborations in the divorce contract!

The Dwarf: Oscar Wilde said “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” What are your thoughts on this? Does a mask bring a freedom and truth in performance?

The Reflektors: Oscar Wilde also said, on his deathbed: "The wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go". We also look like wallpaper. But to answer your question, we are a mask. Our record cover, our logo, our colours. The way we sing and dance. The way we pose in our poster.

It's been a really fun process and we tried to be as free and true as we could. But then again, how true can we when we are representing a culture that is so different from our own? These are some of the questions the band is addressing as we move forward.

The Dwarf: If a Reflektors tribute band were to start up, what do you think would be a cool name for them? 

For example, we have a local bar that has an all girl Oasis tribute act call No Way Sis.

The Relfektors: Our tribute band already exists. The Reflector. They're amazing. Or maybe something like The Three Musketeers on acid? We had drinks with Gallagher last night. He had some pretty good ideas.

The Dwarf: Are you guys writing any new material? What’s next for The Reflektors?

The Reflektors: I guess buying a ticket to whatever exotic country could be a good new beginning for us. Tahiti? Maybe Sichuan? Chinese music and culture might be a huge inspiration for us. We could open a concert of the Baishui. That would be a fun dancing party for sure.

The Dwarf: Any final words for those Arcade Fire peeps?

The Reflektors: Guys, thank you for all the amazing moments we spent together! On stage, in bars, on trams. We will never forget what amazing opportunities you created for us:

The fantastic Colbert night, The Saturday Night Live special, meeting Ben Stiller, playing with Bowie, Spike Jonze, the dress code, the graffiti as weird art project, the Macumba ritual, the Rara street-music festivities, Greta Gerwig dancing, Google Chrome, the Halloween Night, the sexy nurses and The Waldos. So many great memories.

*The Dwarf would like to note this interview is most likely not related in any form to The Arcade Fire, however they do happen to be touring for The Big Day Out and sideshows:

Arcade Fire Australian Dates

Sunday, January 19 - Big Day Out 2014
Metricon Stadium, QLD

Wednesday, January 22 - Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Friday, Jan 24 - Big Day Out 2014
Flemington Racecourse, VIC

Sunday, January 26 - Big Day Out 2014
Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

Tuesday, January 28 – Sydney Entertainment Centre

Friday, January 31 - Big Day Out 2014
Bonython Park, SA

Sunday, February 2 - Big Day Out 2014
Claremont Showground, WA

Arcade Fire - Reflektor

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