Client Liaison: Best and Worst Songs of the 90's

They're international in flavour, big in hair, and 90's in styling. In celebration of their latest single 'Feeling' and their amazing blogsite 'Dessert Palms Capital' ( desertpalmscapital.tumblr.com ), The Dwarf checked in the Client Liaison lads to get their assessment on the best and worst tracks of the 90's.[/b]


1. Yothu Yindi - Treay (Dance Mix)
So powerful in it's message and sound. We like to play this before gigs, to remind us where we are and to pump us up. RIP Mr Yunupingu.

2. Deep Forest - White Whisper
The fantastic grooves of Deep Forest were taken to the next level with the ad campaigns of Australian favorite Uncle Toby's. We particularly like the match of new-age 'world' music, breakfast cereal and local Iron Man athletes.

3. Black box - Ride On Time
Technically 1989 but way ahead of it's time. The precursor to the best party genre of all: 90's House

4. Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is
Again coming out of the eighties (1990) but showing the way to come. Client Liaison like to put on Hornsby after a big day of making beats in the studio. In the end it's the song that counts.

5. Savage Garden - I Want You
With so many hits it's hard to pick one. We thought we'd start with their first, straight out of Brisbane - Chica Cherry Cola!


1. Peter Andre - All Night, All Right
We miss the open shirts, rock hard Abba-Dabbas and Jeeps on beaches from his earlier days.

2. Carmen Electra - Go Go Dancer
Prince really missed the mark with this side project. In the early 90's he hedged all his bets on Carmen Electra, named and "discovered" by Prince, but all we ended up with was another magazine model.

3. The Mavis's – Cry
Coming from Ballarat, Victoria, The Mavis's were something of a local favorite but never managed to take it to the next level. We can remember watching this on music television in the late 90's and getting quite excited; somehow it hasn't stood the test of time.

4. The Prodigy - Breathe
Being that angry while wearing make-up can never be cool.

5. Nirvana - Smells Like Spirit
Not because it's bad quality music but because of it's affect on music in general. Grunge took the sophistication out of sound and the spectacle out of performance. Moreover, it reduced dancing to nothing but violent head shaking, something which can never be forgiven.

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