Calling All Cars: Foot on the Gas

Half the battle for the success of any band is to stay fresh. Keeping your band's name in front of a listeners mind has never been more important in this short-attention-span era.


Acutely aware of this, Melbourne three-piece Calling All Cars, barely a year after their debut Hold, Hold Fire, are releasing their follow up Dancing With a Dead Man, on August 5.


"Ideally, if we had our way, we'd have probably had it out a bit earlier. I guess we just wanna keep writing. We'd already started writing for this album when Hold, Hold Fire came out. We were keen to keep the ball rolling, we didn't want to get to like December last year and be like ‘Fuck! We've got no songs," laughs bassist Adam Montgomery.


"People can loose interest really quickly now, everyone's attention spans with the internet and all that kinda stuff are so much shorter. Everything's more direct and immediate. If you fuck around and wait two years, two and a half years, you're just dropping the ball I guess."


With the first single, Reptile, already on rotation, Montgomery and band mates Hayden and James Ing's approach to recording seems to have paid off. Although the rest of the album may not be as heavy, it's an indication of the new sound.


"It's definitely still a rock album. There's a bit more space in it than the first record, the first one was fairly punk inspired, it was a fairly fast record. This one's a bit more stripped back I guess, in terms of tempo and lost a bit of that punk kind of feel but gained a bit more of a heavy rock edge.


"There's a lot more themes running through the record. Just the feel and vibes is a lot more similar. It wasn't a conscious thing but just because it was written in a fairly precise block of time. That was just how it happened."


While by no means a concept album, Dancing With a Dead Man will have a more concrete direction than its predecessor, again produced by Shihad drummer Tom Larkin.


Recording out of the way, the band is looking forward to a 17-date national tour during August and September, joined by hot rock acts Boy in a Box and Redcoats.


"These are definitely the biggest venues we've done. It's a little bit daunting but that's the way it is I guess - that's where the band's at, which is great. They're far from stadiums; they're still pretty intimate in the grand scheme of things.


"It's our decision about who supports us and it can be kind of tough. It's a bit of a laborious task sometimes because a band you want isn't always available and you've got to be in the right position to do a tour. It worked out really well and we're completely fucking stoked to be honest, because they're really cool bands. It's good having high calibre bands with you on tour, it makes you step up, you know?"


Having warmed the stage for the likes of AC/DC, Green Day and Queens of the Stone Age, Calling All Cars shouldn't find it too much of a challenge.


"When we've supported bands you really just want to fucking smoke them - you want to blow the other band out of the water. It turns into a kind of competition, it's great."

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