American folk-experimental group Akron/Family, whilst not being a household name, have quite the cult following, being renowned for their innovative recordings and involving live performances. The current lineup of Dana Janssen, Seth Olinsky and Miles Seaton has changed over the years, but their fundamentals have stayed the same, which is creating a folk infused experiment which is really quite difficult to describe "I can't really tell you what our sound is. What we write is pure human connection. It's essentially just emotion being created in musical form, we don't try to create something, the something is just created, which is why I think it works so well" describes Dana Janssen.


Akron/Family's latest LP S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT has perhaps one of the strangest titles for an album in recent times and even the band themselves have no idea what it actually means. "We don't have a clue what it represents or should mean, it was said once, and just stuck well to the album. No one should try and read into it, because they will find nothing." But despite the crazy name, this album has been universally acclaimed for its creativity and originality, being described, as "the kinds of songs that make you want to run into the street and scream to the universe that life is beautiful and magical" (NOW Magazine)


However amazing the album is, they promise that their live show brings a whole new dimension to their recordings and isn't something to be missed. "Performing music live makes our music so much easier to communicate to audiences because we share our emotion with them personally, and they respond equally. Our music really livens up with the right audience. If anyone comes to our shows, they have to be energetic and ready to party. That's what we love in a crowd." As Dana explains, Akron/Family doesn't plan out an album for live shows, but its something that manages to just come together perfectly. "I think making an album to be performed really puts yourself in a corner. The best live music out in the world isn't planned… There are so many possibilities these days to create different sounds, which is what we do when writing. Who cares about how we'll do it later. Just work that out when start performing."


Having last toured in 2009, Akron/Family are returning to our shores in October this year in support of this new release and by the sounds of things, are mixing business with pleasure after the last visit. "We absolutely loved coming down to Australia last time, we had a real blast hanging out with you guys. Everyone was just so nice and welcoming, which is so flattering from an artists' point of view." As a part of their last visit, Akron/Family were performing as a part of the highly regarded Meredith Music Festival, which saw Australian audiences submiss to their intoxicating performance. "Meredith was wild man, the crowds were just so awesome and the setting was just incredible. It's the type of festival, which is so rare, but amazing. I was just so bummed though. I was expecting some Koala's at the show and I didn't see one the whole trip. If someone can organise one for each of our concerts, they will be my best friend forever."


If you've never heard of Akron/Family before, then it is almost essential to get down to one of their shows, which are fairly seldom seen around town, but are almost guaranteed not to disappoint.

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