Action Bronson: The Best Milkshake Ever

Action Bronson: The Best Milkshake Ever

Let us break the corpulent Action Bronson down in a way he would himself:



There exists not a single Action Bronson music video in which the rapper is not seeking a delicacy. His flows are viscous like honey - if you'll allow us to use an appropriately tortured simile - and his metaphors are all food-based (e.g. 'motherfucker, why your penis smell like lobster?')

Additionally there exist no Action Bronson-affiliated videos that do not present fine food as an insatiable fetish. I envy the big boy's fascination with food and the culture you'll see attached to his pursuit of it. He celebrates food and the perpetual act of existing with food. Food, food, food.

To that end check out the above video entitled The Best Milkshake Ever: Fuck That's Delicious and allow Bronson to wax nostalgic about his eating and partying habits. What a relatively clean obsession he has.

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