A quick Big Day Out sit down with: Tame Impala

A quick sitdown with: Tame Impala

During the Heat and humidty of the Big Day Out on the Gold Coast, I got to sit down and have a chat with Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, to ask him a few normal, and not so normal questions.

Now that you’ve played BDO Australia and NZ, What Differences have you seen between the 2 countries?

New Zealanders are naturally muscly and Australians are artificially so.

Besides yourselves, who is your must see at the Big Day Out?

Primus. I mean, I was a fan from childhood. My Email password had been on of their songs, I’m not going to tell you which one obviously, since I was 13, and its still the same one.

Is the BDO the start of a big 2014 for Tame Impala? Is it leading anywhere?

Yeah, well I mean actually, its started pretty chilled. Id say there’d be people that work for us who could tell you, and they’d probably say yes, but all I can say is probably.

If you could collaborate with anyone on the BDO lineup, who would you choose?

I guess id have to go with Snoop Dogg, Just because you would get instant recognition.

What’s your favourite curse word?

Anything with balls, like a word and then balls. Fits with anything

Maccas or HJ’s?

Hungry jacks. More greenery, slightly more greenery. And I was a vegetarian for 5 years, so I know the veggie burger well.

If every act at the Big Day out were to fight In a battle royale to the death, who would win?

The Hives. Because they are the most physically, well kept, well tuned. They are the ones that I could imagine being the least affected by the hot weather in Australia, even though they are come from the coldest place ever. They would fuck everyone up. And because they are a tight unit as well. They’d just use teamwork. Even if they aren’t the strongest or fittest, they’d just win by team comradery, they’re like a bunch of velociraptors.

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