Clutch meet some Strange Cousins

Tim Sult, guitar man for US hard blues/hard rock band Clutch, is lamenting the rock star persona.


"I'm trying to be more of a rock star of a diva. I want free guitars and free amps for life! No, I don't need any of that....we get way too much alcohol around here...such a hard life"


Tim is effortlessly down to earth for someone in a band wizzing around the world in a successful rock band. "I am sitting on our tour bus in Germany" he says with genuine excitement, rather than passive rock star bravado. "We're playing Berlin tonight....there's, surprisingly, a big market for English music around here. Clutch in the old days, we only did well in English-speaking countries...then again, pretty much everyone speaks English better than where I live! [West Virginia] People in Scandinavia speak better English. Touring is great, we'll be finishing a European tour and then we'll start another US tour in July!"


We begin to chat about the new Clutch album, Strange Cousins from the West, and its conception (and breezy birthing process):


"The new album, it was pretty simple...we record with J Robbins, we've recorded with him before, [ Robot Hive and two Bakerton Group side albums], everything went smooth, we just went in and busted in out in a few weeks"


"It was out in Australia on July 3, everywhere else...July 14. I don't know how that's happening" he states, confused as I am, considering I was holding the record in my hand and he hadn't even seen the finished artwork yet.


"Australia is incredible for us" he mentions on his Down Under brethren. "We are coming back in January. It'll be more comprehensive tour...we'll play more than Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we'll play other towns too" Hooray!


"We just built a following through touring, really" Tim explains on the trials of a band, even of their stature, to "make it" and continue to "make it", as it were, for years to come.


"There is no more money in CDs....I wouldn't be surprised if there was a point where music would become free, I made less than someone who works at McDonalds than the first thirteen years of the band"


Many Clutch fans may already be aware of the Clutch sidecar band, The Bakerton Group. If you don't, not only as you missing out, but I will fill you in. The Bakerton Group is a side band that includes most of the member (Tim included) of Clutch. It is the instrumental blues-jam band brother to the stoner-rock Clutch.


"With the Bakerton Group, it's basically an instrumental band so the songs are written and not meant to have vocals, and I don't know what people think when we play an instrumental set, some dance and some get angry"


"Sorry im not giving good answers, I just woke up" Tim states suddenly. I concur that I, too, am wearing thin and need bed and tea. I promise to make t-shirts that say, "Rock stars are People too"


Strange Cousins from the West is out now on Weathermaker Music.

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