Fat Freddy's Drop: Endless Possibilites

New Zealand seven piece dub-reggae group, Fat Freddy's Drop, have been striding from success to success. Their first studio album, Based On A True Story,hit gold one day after its release; and the group have won an army of awards from the 2005 and 2006 New Zealand Music Awards. Now they have released their highly anticipated second studio album, titled Dr. Boondigga and The Big BW.


The Dwarf caught up with keyboardist Dobie Blaze, who spoke about the new album, antics on tour and life in Fat Freddy's Drop. Your group has received a large amount of recognition within the music industry, including winning every award you were nominated for in the 2005 New Zealand Music Awards.


How do you keep your feet on the ground with such success surrounding you?


"There's not a great deal of time to soak up the spoils as such; there is a lot hard work, including touring and spending time in the studio. We really enjoy the fact that we get recognised for things, but most importantly for us is to just be able to keep making music; so we concentrate on that."


Your new album titled Dr. Boondigga and The Big BW, is quite an interesting name; what is the inspiration behind it?


"It's a lot to do with the lyrics; Boondigga is a character that is a crazy guy, who has abducted the band and does experiments on us. The Big BW is the big brain wash, and that is all about Dr. Boondigga's attempts to, in a comic book environment, brain wash us and possibly trying to extract the essence of how and what we do. So those are the types of ideas that are around the name," explains Blaze.


Boondigga and The Big BW hit platinum in New Zealand, following just four days since the release; did you expect a reception like this for the album?


"I couldn't have expected or projected how many days it would take to go platinum, but we defiantly knew it would sell well straight away; there was a lot of anticipation for it. It took us four years to produce another album, so it was expected in that first period we would sell a good amount of records; but what we don't know is which part of the world that will catch on to it."


Have you got a favourite track off the new album?


"It sorta changes really, I like a particular song on a day, then I like a different song on another day; depending on the atmospheric pressure, or how much red wine I drank last night [laughs]. So today, I haven't listened to the album; but today's track, I would probably go for The Raft," confesses Blaze.


How would you compare Dr. Boondigga and The Big BW to previous albums Fat Freddy's Drop have released?


"To me it is a very similar type of album, just an extension of where we have gone; it has the same types of ideas, that we all get together and work on. A lot of our musical personalities come out in the music. A progression is the best way I can really describe it personally; I couldn't really sum it up regarding its style to the last album. The whole record does have a lot of different ideas on it."


You guys have played shows around the globe, is there one story that has happened to you guys which stands while touring?


"Well, it didn't really involve me, but in Barcelona some of the boys disappeared one night, and yeah, they just didn't show up. A day later we were sorta like wondering where the boys that pissed off were. The next day we were thinking maybe someone should ring the police and suss it out; sure enough they had just been released"


"As it turned out they had gotten into a scuffle in the wrong alley, and had dealt to a gang of street thugs who were trying to fleece them. Someone had called the police and just took everyone within fifty metres of the crime scene and threw them all in the slammer, pretending to interrogate them and stuff. So that was reasonably harmless; it was a fairly interesting couple of days for those two boys."


Where do you find inspiration to continue making music?


"Well I have two sons, one just starting school and a partner; so the desire for me to provide for my family is my main inspiration. When I get up in the morning and think to myself how the fuck am I going to pay the power bill this week," laughs Blaze.


"My inspiration for actually producing a note or music would derive from my ancestors, what kind of day it is, what kind of booze I'm drinking; all of the different possibilities."


Now you have released yet another successful album, what have you guys got planned for the future of Fat Freddy's Drop?


"We are taking a little breather at the moment. We are having a few months off to catch up on other things, and finish off other little projects. But we are actually going to get together next week, and start talking about a New Zealand and Australian tour."


Looking forward to it!


Dr. Boondigga and The Big BW is now available from all major music retail stores.

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