In for the Kill: La Roux

Everyone, meet Elly Jackson. You will begin to see a lot more of her as the face and voice of English electro-pop duo La Roux. Along with co-producer/writer Ben Langmaid, the team are quickly developing attention as The Next Big Thing. I don't mean that in an empty NME kind of way, either: these guys actually will- should- be huge. They'll knock your socks off.


"I am in the band van at the moment, on the way to a gig in North London" Elly says, through crinkly static. I figure the geographical inconvenience might work against us, so I better get the important stuff in first: the upcoming debut self-titled album. "It was very nice, working on the record. We were doing what we wanted on our own time schedule, never becoming stressful or precious. We wrote at our own leisure. Ideas always come better when you're not forcing them. We have a very good relationship" Elly explains.


One personal attraction to La Roux after seeing the video for single In For the Kill (YouTube it: I have had listened to it, oh, at least three times a day since I first heard it) was that she was not another bimbette shaking her cooch for the camera. I ask the inevitable but important ‘women in music' question.


"I am not sure what it is, some people have more of a goal with their music, whereas other people just make pop music and really enjoy it. Some people slightly fall into it, others drive for it. I know Lily (Allen, who La Roux recently toured with in the UK) doesn't wanna do this forever, she wants to settle down and have a husband, well, not settle down, but, you know [laughs], she doesn't wanna do this forever: I do. Annie Lennox and Grace Jones are sort of feminist pop stars. Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga...they're very unique and very creative, just over sexualised and...well, girly. I'm not really like that"


Elly speaks of her dedication to her music, something that is nice to hear. "I would never go into something like this just for a bit of fun or anything temporary. As far as I can remember, it was always something I wanted to do, and I always will, whether that means performing or producing or anything"


"Some musicians get very very very tired of the music industry very quickly; they just wanna get out of it. You can't be a pop star forever, you end up fading out or not being as good, I don't wanna carry on until the bitter end, you can't write great songs for the rest of your life. I never want a normal job"


La Roux's debut self-titled is out now through Universal/Polydor.


The duo will also be playing the Parklife Festival:


Sat 26th Sep – Botanic Gardens & Riverstage, Brisbane Sun 27th Sep – Wellington Square, Perth Sat 3rd Oct – Birrarung Marr, Melbourne Sun 4th Oct – Kippax Lake, Moore Park, Sydney Mon 5th Oct – Botanic Park, Adelaide

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