Remarkable-Fun Times with Dananananaykroyd

Ah! Glaswegian accents, swoon! I had the pleasure of speaking to David Roy of the Scottish band Dananananaykroyd. They are a band that proved incredibly difficult to Google without bringing up the miserably frustrating ‘did you mean?' thing. To make it easier, I'm told the preferred abbreviation is either Dana or The Naykroyd. Or, if you wish to use their whole name and don't want to sing the Batman song in order to do it, David says you say "Dana then Nana then Naykroyd". It's very tricky stuff.


I'm hanging on the phone and first I was overwhelmed by the crazy-cute voice that was greeting me on the other end of the line. Then David tells me, "We just played a show, so I'm on the adrenaline come down from that. We went really well, we were in London, supporting Eagles of Death Metal." I'm then jittering with excitement while he says "it was the first time we've played to a kind of metal crowd. Like, I find the people that come to our shows are kind of borderline indie, borderline metal – somewhere in between; borderline hardcore."


No party animal be he, though. He says that after the show they'll "just be doing lots of interviews. We're no big fans of the party. Maybe we'll drink a little bit of red wine." I felt dejected. My rock and roll fantasies, failing to play out...


Anways. Back to The Naykroyd. David says that the debut album [ Hey Everyone] "is about having fun...about not getting too frustrated about things, about not going around having hissy fits." They describe themselves as "fight pop. It's sort of a joke term, it's obviously a bit of an oxymoron, because pop is so friendly and amiable, whereas fight...isn't."


It seems to me that their music is quite fighty and their aesthetic is quite pop – David told me that this is because "being in a band is quite romanticised, although I am not going to complain about it". So in terms of the photo shoots being quite cutesy this was so at least they were "having fun while we were doing it. Maybe it's a truly selfish thing"


Dana are coming to the country for Splendour in the Grass, something David hasn't quite had sink in yet: "To come all the way to the other side of the world; and doing shows, it's remarkable, we're only just getting our heads around it." He gets particularly excited speaking of the side shows: "We're playing Sydney as well, and Melbourne, I think it is. We're playing a place called the Annandale Hotel, which is where my favourite ever live album was recorded...by this band called Life Without Buildings, who are from Glasgow, it's totally remarkable – sort of post-punk – they're well worth checking out. I'm really delighted to play at the same place they recorded that."


In their time off down-under David says he's been promised "a classic Australian experience." There's the pause that's of just the perfect length before he says "I think we're going to have a barbecue."


But before the kids are ankle deep in beetroot and snags they're looking forward to seeing Bloc Party at Splendour... And I'd have to recommend that one goes to see Dananananaykroyd.


Hey Everyone is out now through Dew Process.


Dananananaykroyd play:


25 Jul- Splendour in the Grass Festival- Byron Bay [SOLD OUT] 29 Jul- Annandale Hotel- Sydney 30 Jul- East Brunswick Club- Melbourne

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