The Butterfly Effect: Full Steam Ahead

Brisbane based hard rock Heavyweights The Butterfly Effect have progressed a long way since their hard-hitting 2001 Self-Titled EP and bebut album Begins Here. Their latest release Final Conversation of Kings is an epic melodical journey, and shows a certain maturity and evolution for the band.


But The Butterfly Effect are showing no signs of slowing down. The Dwarf's Kevin Bala chats with vocalist Clint Boge for his thoughts.


"Yeah, this is our second time, we went over in 2004, for a similar sort of tour. We went over there with a headlining band from Germany, they were pretty good and we had a really good time."


"I think ending the tour in Amsterdam however was definitely the wrong move, because I don't actually remember much after that (laughs)! So this time we will be starting the tour in Amsterdam which is probably going to be a better way to go. I think Amsterdam is really is quiet a nice city to visit, and to get to go there again is amazing. I never thought I'd be going there again to play, its just great. We're totally looking forward to all the shows, going to places we haven't been to in ages, the new crowds, fresh faces... just beautiful!"


The band will be returning home in June for another leg of The Final Conversation tour, with fellow Brisbane rockers Dead Letter Circus. The band are confident that the European tour will have a positive impact on their performances back home, and Clint credits it all to word-of-mouth.


"You know, all publicity is good publicity. I think if we impress some people in Europe, maybe the emails will start flowing, and the Myspace and Facebook will get some positive comments happening. Then we might inspire some people to get along to the shows when we head home again."


"Doing as much as you can by yourself has always been the defining factor in Australian music, because our backyard is such a small backyard, I think word of mouth cannot be underestimated by any means. And I think not only that, you know when it comes from your friends, you're gonna take their word more so than getting a big blurb in the paper or magazine. You know when your mates say "Hey man check out this band, you go "OK, I will!" I think word of mouth really is the best tool we got."


As the band have made a point to evolve from each release, it seems Final Conversation has reached a pinnacle of evolution for the band. Clint states that there is no way of knowing which direction their new material may be heading, but he is hoping to somewhat revisit to their early stages. He even lets slip on some upcoming possible collaborations.


"I was saying to the guys that I'd like to make a return back to the beginning again. Like let's make a hybrid of Final Conversation, Imago and Begins Here. Let's do a combination, so you got a couple of really banging tracks, and then you know a couple of really refined tracks, and a couple of more melodic/twisty tracks. So you never know what we're gonna come up with for the next album, its an open door. But certainly on my wishlist would be 2 or 3 nice heavy tracks!"


"You know what, some collaborations could be on the cards! I'll let the cat out of the bag, You know, we were all talking about getting some guest writers in by the time we are ready to record again, and Kim (Dead Letter Circus) could definitely be one of them. We are looking at the world stage too, looking at some great songwriters from all over the world to collaborate with us on the next album. Just for something different, you know?


"We're gonna be looking at some very famous people to work with us, also from our own backyard too. We're gonna be asking some very cool Aussie writers to help us out. We may be getting in Drew from Karnivool to come up to QLD to write with us!"


The band recorded Final Conversation at Grove Studios in Gosford NSW, sticking with Australia's premier producer Forrester Savell, who has an impressive accolade to his name- producing for bands such as Karnivool, Mammal, Dead Letter Circus, Rook and Birds of Tokyo.


"Forrester worked us really hard, he doesn't take any shit and he really made sure he brings out the best. Living proof of that is the fact that he made me do 42 takes of one single line! That was ridiculous but it had to be just right. I think I was a bit tired then too, it was about 4am but we got it in the end, that's the main thing. I'm pretty happy with that line, I must say every time it rolls past in the song, I'm like ‘yeah that was a good one!' It was from the song The Way, but I'm not gonna tell what line it was though! Just have a listen and see if something really sparkles (laughs)."


As the guys are veterans of the road, Clint gives an insight into his tips and rituals for the long haul, and how to keep sane while giving it your best.


"Yeah, you know just getting fit beforehand, eating right, not drinking and not being a silly bugger and going out and partying all weekend is the key. Especially when you're going overseas, you're gonna need every ounce of energy you've got. Not only that, it's a mental drain as well, getting up in the morning and stuff. Its not like just driving down the road to your local gig, its like we gotta go past the old wall of Berlin, and its down this street, and the GPS is telling us to go this way and I'm sure its over that way, you know? Its a real headfuck and you gotta be on your game the whole time. But this time we got our trusty tour manager from Aus coming with us, so we're in good hands."


The Butterfly Effect also played the auspicious Big Day Out festival this year, and Clint describes how much of a different experience it was for them, as opposed to the Butterfly Effect of 2004. He also gives us his insight as to why festivals are so great, and he regales us with a tale of his own favourite festival moment.


"BDO was Raucous man! The lineup for me was a very different lineup; it was very much a music appreciation lineup. I had a great time though, I think the expectation on the shows on us, personally was higher than it ever has been, because I think you really gotta shine when we're at this stage in our careers. Especially at the stage we're at writing-wise; the fact that we're not writing the really banging tracks as much as we used to, we're writing more kinda thoughtful tunes I find, and the shows kinda have to reflect that"


"You dont have to jump around all the time you know, its good to have the One Second.. and the Craves to jump around to but we're changing. We're not as young as we used to be, not that it's any excuse (laughs), we're just evolving as musicians. To go out there at BDO and play a set that wasn't about throwing it to the wall was good actually, I think it shows a bit of maturity really"


"I think it the atmosphere of the festival you know? You got 20-50,000 people there that may not have even heard you, or heard of you before. They may stop through for a song, so it's exciting to know you're still playing for a new crowd. And the fact that you can pay $120 or so and see the worlds best right in your own backyard; You get value for money, a great day with your mates, get to stand out in the beautiful sunshine and soak up the great atmosphere. That's why festivals are so popular."


"I think my favourite festival was probably playing at the 2004 BDO, with Metallica and Muse. I got to watch them six times, and the fact that I got to hang out with the guys from Metallica and speak to them personally was just a mid blowing experience. Not only that, Kirk Hammett came up to me and asked me for a CD, and I'm like "are you shitting me"? And he's like "Yeah dude I'd love to hear your stuff". Man that was like a fairytale, when I was at school studying music when did I ever think that I'd be sitting down with Kirk Hammett, and he'd be asking ME to sign a CD for him?? That's just the way things turn I guess. That was probably the best moment of my musical career." So what are Butterfly's plans for the rest of the year?


"We're going to go to Europe, come back, do the capital cities tour in July. Then we will come off the road, and then there's talk of maybe going somewhere else in the world, perhaps in august. Then we're gonna have some time off around September, and then in November go back out do some shows and festivals, then the new years shows. Then its full steam ahead for the new album!"


The Butterfly Effect are on tour in July. Head to myspace.com/… for deets and dates.

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