Little Birdy throw it all about



n. 1. small pieces of coloured paper thrown on festive occasions


2. amazing new album by Little Birdy.


With their new album about to hit the stores, Little Birdy are hitting the road on a month long sojourn around this vast country of ours.Scott O'Donoghue (Barney) took a little break from rehearsals and packing to have a little chat with The Dwarf about all things Little Birdy.


Originally hailing from Perth, the band relocated to Melbourne about a year ago. Well ,most of the band. Barney followed his heart up to Brisbane where he lives with his girlfriend. So, he may be gathering a few frequent flyer points,but at least all the band are on the same side of the country.


Little Birdy's third album- Confetti, started to come together about 12 months ago with work on the new songs. This was followed by demoing, rehearsing and pre-production work before the band finally hit the studio in October. "It was long process, but a really good process" Barney shares.


Barney describes Confetti as a new sound and direction for the band. "It's got more of a motown feel to it, it was so much fun to make and we're all really happy with it" he said.


Making a guest appearance on the song Brother is one Mr. Paul Kelly, doing guest vocals and harmonica. "It was amazing working with him, and just watching a musician of that caliber work. Not only did he know exactly what he wanted, but he was a really nice guy to go with it" Barney said.


But after listening to the song with harmonica and then without, it was obvious to the band that it needed to be played on the track. And since Mr Kelly is not always available to appear at random gigs across the country, Barney had to do a crash course in harmonica.


Little Birdy got to roadtest some of the new stuff at the recent Sound Relief concert, and it seemed to go over pretty well.


A new website also seems to be in order with Little Birdy with the release of each new album. But don't be disappointed if their current website isn't up to scratch, it's just an interim site til they get the new one up and running.


The current tour sees the band on the road for about a month, doing shows from Townsville to Melbourne and all places inbetween, then across to WA to finish off.


Although it's a little hectic, Barney recognises the touring as part of the deal with being in a band, and he loves it.


"The band is like my family, we live in each others pockets and love spending time together" he said.


Little Birdy are also part of the ever expanding Groovin' The Moo, an Australian music extravaganza that takes the festival away from the capitals and out to the regional centres, featuring a predominantly Australian line-up. Although it's Little Birdy's debut at the festival, their keyboardist was there last year, but with a different band.


Then the current tour finishes off with a home town show in Perth, which will be a reunion of sorts.


"We haven't played there for a long time, so it'll be great, and there'll be a lot of family and friends there" Barney said.


Little Birdy have also joined the incredible line-up scheduled for this years Splendour in the Grass in Byron Bay.


It's all a little hectic over at the Little Birdy camp,a new album, tours, festivals... But after being quiet for so long, at least now we know why.


Try and catch them on their latest tour, because you know everone could do with a little confetti.


Little Birdy are on tour now. Check out dates and deets here: myspace.com/…


Confetti is out May 12 through Eleven/Universal.

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