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Biffy Clyro: an enigma wrapped in a puzzle

"McDonalds was the worst job I have ever had" laughs Simon Neil, lead vocalist/ guitarist for Scot rock band Biffy Clyro, on the subject of his younger days. So how did being a muso come about then?


"Because the weather is shit it's something to do" he states matter-of-factly. I've no doubt the rumours I have heard of Scotland's fierce yet dreary weather are true now. "There are a lot of bands no one hears about, which is sad. It's like Australia; there are good bands in every city but no one outside that city ever gets to hear them. That's what Scotland is like"


Biffy Clyro for Beginners: the band originates from Ayr, Ayrshire in Scotland. Don't ask about the name, there are a multitude of rumours, but that is irrelevant. Musical influences include: Metallica, Fugazi, Rush, Red House Painters. Likes: walking on the beach, rose-filled bathtubs. Okay, that last one is made up but I promise the rest is true.


Biffy Clyro are right now rehearsing demos for the next album; "They're sounding great, it's always difficult to know how it's gonna end" states Simon on the recording process. "The last album [2007's Puzzle] was intense, we had changed labels just before and we were waiting for lawyers and stuff; it was tough for a few months, and it made us attack the album with more... venom. We were in the middle of nowhere in Canada, with no distractions"


"We love doing what we're doing" says Simon. "We're definitely gonna try our hardest; we're not a party band or anything, we have fun but..." he trails off and I sense there is more to the man than rock and rain. "We all like to read" he perks when I ask of differing hobbies within the band. "The boys like to read Chuck Palahniuk. We have a weird life but we're ordinary guys, we go through love and loss, all the different emotions, sometimes you get bent out of shape"


So how does the Biffy Clyro of today compare with the BC of, say, five years ago? "We've never been fairly intense, we always push ourselves hard, but now we are a bit more experienced. Less manic. We did ourselves a bit of damage, and we're a little more confident now"


With the scathing UK press at their heels no doubt (vying for blood!)I ask Simon how the rock rags took to them.


"The NME didn't understand us at the start, for years we were misunderstood, but build up a solid fan base by touring, eventually we were in 2000-capacity venues, and then they had to write about us [laughs]we were bigger than the bands they were writing about, it's strange"


Biffy Clyro play:


21 Mar- Club Capitol- Perth 24 Mar- HiFi Bar- Melbourne 25 Mar- The Arena- Brisbane 26 Mar- Metro Theatre- Sydney

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