Cold War Kids get loyal

Matt Maust, bassist for American indie kids Cold War...er, Kids is not loving his living situation. When I ask him what he is doing on this oppressively hot (in Melbourne anyway) day, he is "looking for a new house with my roommate. My house is infested with mould, it's a shady situation, my neighbours are squatters...we pay rent though"


Such is the rock star life. CWK are looking forward to their Oz visit in February on the back of their most recent record, Loyalty to Loyalty: "We always have a good time in Australia, it's really worth it to come down there" he assures, without a hint of arse-kiss.


So how do the Cold War Kids get their songwriting on? "It's totally organic, we never force songs, we all write together in the same room and we'll have a riff we like, or a lyric and we feed off that"


Cold War Kids have also gone where many rock bands fear to tread, in having their music used in TV shows; a cracker way to get your music out, yes. A great opportunity for breaking bands, yes. But condemned by many down-the-nose artists. So where is the line?


"The line is always changing" Matt says assuredly. "It's hard to distinguish, there's a lot of debate, talking, decisions made democratically, that's the way the band is run. There's a thousand ifs, a thousand buts in this career, you're basically being artist for a living, but when you mix that with marketing and advertising it's gonna be really questionable"


So let us look at the other side. Inspiration?


"Visual art" Matt replies, happy to be talking less business, more pleasure. "The band like Kurt Vonnegut, John Steinbeck, mostly writers, whereas I'm more visual art; Jeff Wall is a photographer, he's a big influence, his photos tell short stories"


So what's on the horizon for the Kids of Cold War?


"Find a place to live, for me anyway" Matt laughs. "Then come back home and write songs"


Good luck!


COLD WAR KIDS play: 2 Feb- Metropolis Concert Club- Perth 3 Feb- Governor Hindmarsh Hotel- Adelaide 4 Feb- Palace Theatre- Melbourne 6 Feb- The Arena- Brisbane 7 Feb- Playground Weekender Festival- Sydney


Loyalty to Loyalty is out now through Downtown/ Mercury.

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