Good Days, Bad Days: Kaiser Chiefs

They might not be the kids on the street but the Kaiser Chiefs still never miss a beat. Simon Rix (bassist) gave The Dwarf some time to get us up to speed on all things Kaiser with their forthcoming third album Off With Their Heads."It was quite a quick process, most of the songs were just idea's and then we wrote the rest of them in the studio, that way it was a lot more creative".


If you've had a falling out with your radio lately you may not have heard Never Miss a Beat, if your still friends then you are probably tapping your feet away as you read the words. "After a year or two of touring we were coming up to do this big arena tour in England. We decided it was time to play some new songs. So we took two weeks off and went into the rehearsal room and wrote a few songs and Never Miss a Beat was one of them. Then it was so good, that is kind of half why we did the whole album, we just thought it was too good not to release".


With a fast creation process for a new album sometimes it would be hard to find material, however Simon talks about everything from life influencing what they do, and nothing specifically stands out. With five guys in the band and five different tastes in music this has made for quite an "Eclectic album, because we've been on tour and we are more open to other bands and other music. When you first start listening to music, you listen to The Beatles and whatever is current. As you get older you listen more and more to different music. There are five people in our band and we all have slightly different taste in music. We try as hard as we can to avoid talking about being on tour, flying and doing gigs because that is pretty boring for everyone else".


The appeal of Australia is always fascinating to an Aussie, so we ask the boys from Leeds about touring again. "I'd like to, I like Australia. I think it's a good place to come because it is relaxed. I like relaxed... but there are no more specific plans at this stage".


Ok, fair enough, being world famous has a lot of demands on an artist and being in many different countries would challenge you to pick a favourite. "It sounds like really like sucking up, but I would say Australia is really good because when we get there it is ALWAYS good and everyone is really friendly. I also like Italy though, because the food is really amazing. We went to South Africa earlier this year, all though there are some problems there the actual place is really great and we had such a good time." Ok we'll allow a top three.


Touring for years nearly back to back surely some interesting stories have surfaced. This one tells itself "Our name comes from the South African football team (Kazier Chiefs). We were playing a gig in South Africa and we got invited to watch them play afterwards, we thought that would be cool. We also thought it would be in Johannesburg; turns out they were playing away, so we went on this two hour car journey. When we were just at that point where everyone needed to go to the toilet, because we had been drinking beer, we entered the ‘car-jacking' zone, but we stopped anyway. Then we got a police escort because we were late for the football. Then we arrived at the grounds and we ran out of the van, and people were directing us, so the next thing we knew we were on the pitch and everyone was cheering. Basically they had been waiting for us to kick off the second half. So as soon as we were there we waved ‘Hi' then got off the pitch again and it (the second half) started. It was funny and quite surreal".


Life lessons from playing with the Kaiser Chiefs? "I think being in a band with your friends, or four other men, teaches you a lot. I think it's easy for bands to fall out because you spend a lot of time together, it's very important to let people do what they want, but take into account other peoples feelings. I know its clichéd but the world IS a small place, we are all the same, in a good way though, not a boring way. But you know peace love and understanding and all that, it's very important."


"So many people ask negative questions like who in the band do you fight with, who have you fallen out with in the band? But I've known two of the guys for 20years now, if I was going to fall out with them I would have done it by now. Before we started travelling the world and having a good time, before we became successful and started earning money"


Kaiser Chiefs have such a diverse and accessible range of music, so are they a band who wants to challenge big world politics'? Tug at your heart strings? Not necessarily. Simon said that people will all get something different from their music but "What we like, is playing music, doing gigs and having big songs that people can sing along to"


We all know someone who has done something crazy enough to warrant a call for ‘off with their heads' for Simon it was from the pre successful Kaiser Chief days, when he was supplementing his income "I used to work in a bar, with one of my friends, he would come to work every day with a new piercing and be like ‘yeah I was bored and no-one came in, so I just started piercing myself', he had even pierced his forehead"


" Off With Their Heads, it's not meant to be political I don't think, it just sounded good, it was the first name we all agreed on. Things sounding good is underrated" While we are on the topic of sounding good, Simon was happy to give his two cents about what song we should spin when we buy the album " Good Days, Bad Days, I like that one".

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