5 Great Reasons To See Beady Eye This Year

5 Great Reasons To See Beady Eye This Year

2013 was a full-on year for the Britpop revivalist movement in Australia. Oasis is all but dead, Blur have shirked their dwindling faithful and great guns Beady Eye have been called in to round out Big Day Out's quota for lovably cold poms. Here's to Liam Gallagher and his crew, then; reminding us that in a post-Oasis world some bands can still sound pretty much like Oasis and be really sincere about it.

1. BE

Whereas Blur are wresting with irrelevance in Australia Beady Eye are actively creating content. BE was dropped in early 2013 and for all their detractors Liam and the boys have created something arguably thought-out and whole. They're not sketching along behind the mighty Oasis pedigree. Same goes over at Camp Noel. Conversely if you look at Blur as a core group and not an arm of Damon Albarn's prolific genius you'll see they are, at best, fodder for nostalgia-seekers.

2. Liam Gallagher

You either love him or hate him. And even if you hate him you sort of love him a little bit. Such is the Gallagher pull. Take a few clicks into musically-centred cyberspace and you'll find that he is a tad dickish most of the time, which bodes extremely well for Aussie punters keen on gratuitously tough celebrity love.

3. This documentary

The Beady Eye ethos is relatively uncomplicated but the doco below will undoubtedly encourage you to buy into it. Watch as noteworthy subjects grudgingly praise Liam and his new work and know you won't be able to fight it for very long either.

4. These songs

5. You'll Never See Oasis Again

Look, they may well reunite somewhere down the track, but adhering to that slight possibility is not worth holding off on Liam, Gem Archer and Andy Bell now. Beady Eye are the future, Oasis is not. And neither are Blur, obviously.

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