Dropkick Murphys - Mean Times

With a mountain of achievements under their belt the Dropkick Murphys are back with another album The Meanest Of Times and a global tour. Australian fans "you'll be seeing a bit of the Dropkicks chundering Down Under early-mid-next year."


The Dwarf: G'day guys, I must start by saying how very excited I am to be interviewing one of Boston's greatest punk acts of today, but to be honest I originally thought you guys were from Ireland, of course with all the influences in the music etc, can you explain to someone not from Boston what its like there, and more importantly what's it like to be from there?


Matt Kelly: Boston is full of mean, angry New Englanders. It's great. Parochial, cold, unfriendly for the most part, etc. It's full of colleges and universities, and therefore full of friggin' college students, too. It's a big sports town, as we have all the professional teams Boston Red Sox (baseball), Boston Bruins (NHL hockey), Boston Celtics (NBA basketball), New England Patriots (NFL football), and New England Revolution (MLS soccer/football). Actually being from here(most people who live here are from God-knows-where-else) is rare, but there is a fierce pride in our town, our culture, our sports teams, our varied array of accents (I've never heard anybody do a GOOD fake Boston accent, they just sound like New Yorkers), our neighborhoods, etc. It's the Hub of the Solar System if you didn't know...


The Dwarf: On to the Dropkick Murphys - apart from the 6 studio albums and now your own record label, have contributed to so many projects from the 'Boston Red Sox' anthem 'Tessie' which featured in the movie 'Fever Pitch'. Also with Martin Scorsese being a fan and choosing your song for hisOscar wining film 'The Departed'. I find it truly inspiring for bands with all you guys have achieved, how do you decide on what too aim for next?


MK: Oh Christ I don't know!!! We never dreamed that we'd be in the position we're in now. It all just presented itself and happened. We're as surprised as you are!!


The Dwarf: It's not hard to notice the many collaborations that the Dropkick Murphys have done with various artists, from the unforgettable The Pogues front man Shane MacGowan and personal favourite of mine Cock Sparrers' Colin McFaull, who are you guys hoping too hook up with next?


MK: Who's to say? AC/DC? Ted Mulry Gang (haha, just kidding). With the people you just listed, there are very few heroes of ours left that we'd like to MEET, never mind collaborate with.


The Dwarf: With that in mind what has been the most memorable moment on stage for you guys? And what would top it?


MK: We did a gig in Munich, Germany that was moved from venue to venue, each bigger than the last. The final place was an airplane hangar and there were upwards of five-thousand rabid punters there, ready to tear the place apart. When we hit the stage, the crowd exploded with energy. I've yet to see anything like it from behind the drum throne. What would top it? Maybe if Angus Young, Pete Townshend, Roger Daltry, and Steve Harris all came out and played with us.


The Dwarf: I also wanted to ask you guys about one of my Favourite Boston bands, Blood for Blood, who I seen in your top friends on myspace, have you guys ever played gigs together? What was the atmosphere like? Intense?


MK: We took those guys on tour in '99 if memory serves. Yeah, great band, good frigging guys, you know? Great atmosphere as ever. Their hard-core fans are just as rabid as ours.


The Dwarf: Well, I wish you guys all the best with the relentless touring you do, will it be the Euro's that get a bit of Dropkick Murphys? Or we will hopefully see you all soon in Australia for our summer?


MK: We're doing a bit of US and Canada coming up in November, and then off to Japan and the UK early next year... I think you'll be seeing a bit of the Dropkicks chundering Down Under early-mid-next year.


Dropkick Murphys The Meanest of Times is out now through Dew Process

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