Something for Kate - Back to the Future

With five albums under their belt, a two-disc selection of b-sides, and now the release of their first ever Best Of - Murmur Years, Something for Kate feel like they're just getting started.


The newly released two-disc collection of their work from 1996 – 2007, is, according to lead singer Paul Dempsey, "f or the most part it's a collection of our most interesting work". With their "mix tape approach" to Murmur Years, Something for Kate have compiled their favourite tracks from their albums Q and A with Dean Martin, through to their latest release Desert Lights.


Something for Kate have been working with the Murmur label for over ten years, and as Paul reveals " This will be the last release for the Murmur label…we just feel that the relationship we had with the Murmur label over the years is a significant one, and one that really allowed us to grow as a band. I don't think there's many labels who allow bands to grow at their own pace, and do their own thing, so I guess we felt a bit nostalgic and a bit sentimental that the Murmur label is no longer."


When asked what Something For Kate were trying to achieve by their best of, Paul explained, " We tried to imagine that if it was someone who never heard of Something for Kate, didn't know anything about us, what is the bunch of songs that you would want them to hear? What would be the best Something for Kate, give or take, that you would give to someone who didn't know anything about us?"


"W e basically just wrote a list each of the songs that we wanted on there, and it was pretty lucky really, all our lists were pretty much the same, so there wasn't much argument about what to put on there really, there were just a couple of tracks in contention, and once we agreed on those, it all came together pretty easily."


Their latest release track – ‘The Futurist', and the first track featured on Murmur Years, is essentially about a character who is scared of change, and doesn't want to move forward, when asked whether the Futurist shared similar attitudes towards change, Paul explained that Something for Kate, " …welcome change, we are always striving for change in what we do cos we don't want to get stuck in a rut and start boring ourselves stupid." " We still feel like we're finding a sound…none of us feel like we've settled into anything yet, it all still feels very new and challenging…" So it's good news for Something for Kate fans, Paul promises that there will be many more CD's and tours. " I can't really see a time where I don't want to be making records and I can't imagine ever getting bored with it, or losing interest in it…It's the most important thing to me; it's the thing that gives my life some sense of purpose."


When it comes to writing their music Something For Kate don't beat around the bush, " It's stressful it's not easy, we argue a lot, we don't agree a lot, but its not in a bad way. We're such good friends we can disagree and just move… everyone just says honestly whether they think something's great or whether they think it sucks, everyone just has to cop it on the chin and keep going. We don't want to do something unless all three of us like it… it's all worth it in the end, because when you've finished the song all three of you can honestly stand there and say ‘I like everything about this song."


The production of their last released album Desert Lights was a stressful time for the band, but Paul believes that " Going through that sort of difficult period made us stronger as a band, I know that's a total cliché but it's true…"


" The big lesson that I learnt with the last record, I guess I just expected it to be really easy, because our first two records were just really easy, it's like I wrote them in my sleep or something, and then it seemed to get more difficult with each record, I used to really worry about that…It is harder, but I've accepted that it's supposed to be harder, because if it wasn't harder, then I probably wouldn't be trying hard enough, or my lyrics would just be sounding like me…I'm willing to put that effort in because it's really rewarding when you come up with something that feels new and fresh, and you feel like you have actually progressed into a new area." " I think our audience definitely appreciates the effort that we put into everything that we do, and I think that that is probably why Something for Kate fans seem to be a bit more…you know, maybe just a little bit more obsessive than your average music fan…that's just amazing it's really kind of flattering."


Paul believes, that if you really like to play music, that the secret to success for upcoming bands is to just " play as often as you can, anywhere you can, anytime you can and just play to people wherever they are, just do it. Don't wait around trying to get a record deal; don't wait around trying to get on the radio, if you love playing music, then just play music every night anywhere - any time…Let everybody else discover you in their own time."

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