'Four exploding balls of energy\"...the Boat People?

According to guitarist and vocalist Charles Dugan, The Boat People are just that.


"Right now we are like four exploding balls of energy onstage – our show is very different to what people have probably seen us do before. We have left our shoe-gazing art-rock stylings behind. Nothing describes it better then the immortal words of AC/DC: I'm TNT I'm a powerload TNT watch me explooooooode."


To date these exploding balls of energy, including James O'Brien (vox/bass), Robin Waters (vox/keys), Charles Dugan (vox/guitar) and Tony Garrett (drums), have created for themselves a respectable repertoire and strong live following. The group have released four CDs to date. The Boat People EP (2001), Squeaky Clean EP (2002), Three Pieces For Small Ensemble EP (2003) and Tell Someone Who Cares (2004), as well as touring the east coast 12 times in the last four years.


The groups' fifth offering and latest release Yesyesyesyesyes was reportedly recorded and mixed over 40 days and nights. Referring to their latest offering Dugan explains,


"We had never spent so long in the studio, so it was a matter of juggling our day jobs, trying to keep our ears fresh and not go stir crazy. The hardest thing about recording is all the times where you don't have anything to do and you're waiting for someone else to finish their part or whatever. Then when it's your turn you have to be suddenly wide awake and ready to rock and or roll."


According to Dugan the fifth time around the band took a more relaxed approach than previously.


"There's several songs which pretty much came together at the last minute, which is very different to our usual way of doing things which normally involves intricate pre-production," he adds, "We wanted a change of pace and a little more freshness for this album, so Building Bridges, Digging Caves, Picturesque, If We Hadn't Got Together and Central Station were all done before we had played any of them live and we didn't really know the songs too well. Particularly Central Station where it was at the end of a day of recording, I pretty much showed the guys the chords to the song (which I had changed since we last rehearsed it) and we did a couple of takes and that was it."


The Boat people have supported some fairly decent bands in their time including The Shins, Idlewild, Dogs Die In Hot Cars and even David Byrne of Talking Heads fame. So if these Brisvegas balls of energy could support/play with any band from all of history who would it be?


"Probably The Beatles." Dugan says, "an obvious answer I know but how can you go past the mythology of the most famous band of all time?"

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