Bomba - Gently inspiring a nation to see the world as one

The focus, the drive, the determination in Nicky Bomba's words is so evident. This is a man with a band who of course can sing and create beautiful music but the purpose, the soul reason for the musical creations is strong – its about inspiration, gently prodding people to action with something palatable to swallow.


"Its got to be for me a nice balance of songs that have a positive nature about them, that inspire people to get up and do stuff without sounding negative...you can scream at someone and say "blah blah blah blah"... you can also use music and the right choice of words to suggest ideas that just by using commonsense and using peoples passion's to their connections as well... you can inspire people..." he says.


"I have always had one foot in the environmental concerns just all through my life with just a connection with nature and just understanding..."


His passion for our planet is infectious.


"Australia is such a special place and we have a great opportunity to make this place one big national park even..." he says.


"We have had a real soft spot for Hobart I suppose for Hobart especially because it is one of the first venues that kicked off for us on a national scale for Bomba. We always had a really good connection with the crowd down there and we would come back and they buy our CD's and know all our lyrics and be singing the songs ... its like "wow, it must be translating down here..." people actually get it, people actually get what we are doing... That's always been a great thing."


And Nicky sees the kindred spirits that reside in the most southern state of our Country.


"It seems Hobart, in particular the Weld Valley and the Blue Tier... people just willing to put their money where there mouth is," he says.


"I think generally there is always talk within the band about... its just always... the topic you go to... you go to all these different places (parts of Australia)... you can feel it brewing ... music is such a powerful medium we have this opportunity here... "


"We wrote a song called 'Speed of Sound' which is about the power of music... let's actually put that into action and not be afraid to speak out a little bit," Nicky says.


We touch on spirituality... without wanting to pry about specific religions I wanted to understand if Nicky's spirituality played a part in this way of thinking, being a caretaker of this planet.


"I think so... I would have to say if I had a religion... when I go up bush I call it "temple time"... when you are nestled in nature that's where I feel closest to peoples concepts on God, in nature and feeling totally part of this beautiful creation," Nicky says.


"The older you get, I have children and stuff the same vibe... you get to the point where you have focused your ideas and you know what you like and what you don't like... you know what moves you and doesn't move you. You get to a point where you go "I have been given these talents to play music and I can sing about this and I can sing about that... do I want to make a difference? Do I want to leave some kind of legacy here? What do I want to sing about..." he says.


So what can we expect from the tour?


"For me, Hobart will be the pinnacle gig of the tour... the song 'Hold Your Ground' all came from our connection with the people down at the Weld Valley campaign... We are trying to make this one the best gigs we have ever done at The Republic," he says.


"We went to the Weld Valley and did a film clip down there with all the campaigners... they came down and were in the clip as well... we have just edited that it will be up on YouTube... We are actually going to stay in Hobart and hang and meet with all the crew... we are making this a special weekend... make it jam packed!"


Nicky elaborates on the Ethiopian experience and his very special guest for the 'Hold Your Ground' Tour.


"Another special thing about this tour Dereb Desalegn.... I have always been interested in reggae music and reggae spiritual homeland is Ethiopia and I was given the opportunity to work with Derub from a reggae point of view... its a bit of a heritage thing I can actually find out where reggae music came from. But it was a whole different journey that I was put on I ended up going over there, I recorded an album with him here and we had such a beautiful connection that we decided to bring him on the road with us, him as our special guest," Nicky says.


"I think people when they hear his voice and see the instrument that he plays its going to be beautiful. What you will find with Derub is that a lot of people think that Ethiopian music is all drumming but when you actually hear him sing and hear this instrument he plays its from another world, its quite unique...I would encourage people to come down to the gig and see... we play with him too, we actually sit behind him... we will be doing the whole night just Derub and Bomba," he says.


Nicky ends the interview focusing back on what drives him to create music – the environment - mentioning the upcoming Federal Election also.


"If we take care of this planet... we just need to change people's mentality about our respect and mentality to the earth and that's the basic thing..."

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