The Fauves turn 1000!

A part of the Australian musical landscape for the past nineteen years The Fauves have done the hard yards over their career playing live show after show. I was lucky enough to catch up with Andrew "Coxy" Cox the formidable front man of the four piece he was in the middle of fixing his computer which was giving him grief but he was still good enough to have a chat about what's been going on in The Fauves' world and how pumped the band are about the upcoming 1000th and 1001st shows.


Oddly enough for a band that's played so many shows the boys have had a quiet 2007 thus far with no gigs played within the calendar year, making it the biggest extended break the outfit's ever enjoyed. Andrew explained that " this was not by design and was simply the way things had worked out, working on new material for a new album there were a few opportunities to do a show here or there but nothing eventuated."


Being a big fan of The Fauves music I quizzed further about when a new album could be expected, I was pleased to hear that the boys will be hitting the studio in August/September. So look out for a release late 07 or early 08, just not right on Christmas with The Fauves not wanting a new CD to get swamped with the other stocking filler rubbish vying for the top spot.


And how does a band come up with the idea to turn the 1000th show into a big celebration? It turns out that there was little planning and a conversation the band had on the way home from a gig last year sparked the whole shebang. A debate about total shows played had one of the boys suggesting it must be close to 500, Andrew was convinced that it must be more and became completely obsessed with finding the true number and spent a week trawling through all known records and archives. Upon realisation that The Fauves were only a handful of shows away from the magical 1000 and that it should be turned into something special.


With the boys looking forward to the big day I was keen to find out what kind of preparation would be undertaken in the lead up and whether there might be a secret gig in the lead up? Sadly no unheralded shows but plenty of jamming and practice, more so than a ‘normal' show as being a celebration of sorts there will be songs from all The Fauves' releases. And with 8 albums worth of songs Andrew foresaw the necessity for more rehearsals ahead!


As a punter, one of my favourite moments involving The Fauves was at The Basin Concert (an outdoor concert held) in Launceston, Tasmania in the heady summer days of 1997. The setting had a swimming pool in close proximity to the stage, so towards the end of their set Coxy decided he was getting hot and needed a dip, stripping down to his smalls he had a quick splash with the kids whilst the band continued to play, then being the consummate professional he was back up on the stage dripping wet to finish the set.


Relaying this memory to Andrew I asked what his craziest and zaniest memories of so many live shows were, he explained that as such " he doesn't remember specific events but more so looks back on the live history in a holistic fashion and sees the whole thing as being incredible fun."Touchingly, Coxy shared that " it was less about milestones or achievements and it was more about having shared the whole experience with his friends and that's the thing that sticks with him."


Being a band that has a small, but loyal following and one that typically played smaller rooms, Andrew explained that " looking out from the stage it was not uncommon for him to see familiar faces. Over the years there are some punters that come to all of The Fauves shows and many come up after the gigs to say hello and have a chat, only adding to the experience for both artist and fan alike."


Looking past the 1000th milestone, what can be expected next? Tongue in cheek Coxy stated that " the milestones just keep coming with The Fauves turning 20 next year, a big 21st the following year etc. etc. But seriously, after the shows the focus shifts to recording the album and doing what The Fauves do best, releasing great new songs backed up with a more extensive tour."


Asking one final cliché'd question I expected a cliché'd response, but refreshingly, when Coxy was asked what advice he would give aspiring rock stars he suggested " not burning people along the way thinking you're going to be big as the reality is you're not going to be big anyway so you may as well stay a decent person and enjoy it!" And I think there's something in that for all of us!


The Fauves play their 1000th show at The East Brunswick Club Friday 8th of June and their 1001st at The Annandale Hotel Saturday June 16th. Old fans and newcomers alike are encouraged to get along and enjoy one of Australia's most endearing live acts!

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