28 Days - beating their own drum

Making your mark as a musician is hard enough, but when you're asked to join an established lineup still in the wake of a member's death, the task is near impossible. However, rather than live life in the shadow of Scott Murray,28 Days drummer Adrian Griffin is leaving his own fingerprints on the band's dynasty. Almost 12 months on from his arrival, I caught up with Adrian to find out how he's settling in.


"It's been one of the most exciting years of my life so far. We've been touring quite a bit which means I get to play the drums heaps… I can't think of anything I would rather be doing."


In Adrian's time with the band, highlights have included joining the Channel V Bus Tour, touring with the Metal Mulisha and hitting the studio for their to record their first release with new label, Rebel Scum Records. But despite the action-packed schedule, it's the upcoming Tasmanian shows that seem to have Adrian most excited.


"I can't wait! Tassie is an awesome place - we all had a great time last time we were there. We've got four shows there so it should be heaps of fun."


Also in the near future are scattered shows around South-Eastern Australia, allowing Adrian to get out and meet the 28 Days fan base. When one considers the popularity of Murray and the high turnover of drummers in the period afterward, a cool reception from fans wouldn't be completely unexpected. But, as Griffin explains, that's not the case:


"The rest of the band and fans have made me feel so welcome since I've been playing with 28 Days, so I don't really feel like I am in his (Murray's) shadow."


Do the 28 Days fan base consider him ‘one of their own' then?


"I think so. I personally haven't had any negative experiences with fans. It's cool getting to meet people who love your band!"


So what does Griffin feel he brings to the band then?


"I feel I have brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I think 28 Days is as tight as ever right now, both musically and as a band - the music we are writing is really cool. I'm really keen for people to hear our new EP when it comes out!"


Griffin's no ‘newbie' though, and certainly no one-trick pony. Past credits include Salmon Hater (of Hottest 100 fame) and Degeneracy, the latter still operating on the side. So how does one adapt to the change in style that comes with the transition between bands?


"I like to try not to get stuck playing one particular style of music. People who know me, know I love ridiculously heavy metal, but I also love heaps of other styles of music. The main thing for me as a drummer is to play as tight as possible, which I think makes any style of music sound better."


It's a philosophy that holds Griffin in good stead for the future, and in a band where drummers have fallen like 9-pins, it might just be the difference.

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