28 Days - End of Days

What began 10 years ago in a suburban skate park is soon to end at a venue near you. The Dwarf recently caught 28 Days bassist Damien Gardiner in a reflective mood.


With three albums and three EP's under their collective belts, Melbourne's 28 Days are one of the country's most outspoken and irreverent bands. As the saying goes however, all good things must come to and end, therefore 28 Days have decided that it is time to retire on a high. As Gardiner explains "We want to quit while we are ahead. It's been a great 10 years for us, but now it's time for some new bands to come through". To celebrate, 28 Days are doing what they have done best for the past 10 years; they are taking to the road on their biggest national tour yet, and you are invited.


With a large proportion of marriages folding in less time, the secret to the band's longevity according to Gardiner is simple "I guess we just love what we do. We are all the best of friends, and every time we play we get free beer and get paid - how good!"


Like a marriage, the band's career has not been without its ups and downs. When pressed about his highlight of being in the band Gardiner reveals "Having a Number one album, and that same album going platinum". As for lowlights, Gardiner cites the tragic death of drummer Scott Murray in 2001 as the worst thing that has ever happened to him. Further adding that the band nearly called it quits afterwards, however "we knew we would regret it if we finished then".


From his perspective as a ten year veteran of the often fickle and vicious Australian music industry, The Dwarf asked Gardiner how he feels the industry has changed since the band first broke through our collective consciousness' in 1997, to whit he is short, sharp and to the point "there are less majors throwing money around". Moreover, Gardiner elucidates the difficulties of generating a sustainable career in the current climate stating "It is nearly impossible these days".


Breaking out of the major label mould after parting ways with Mushroom Records, the band are now proudly independent, releasing their last EP Bring em' Back as well as their latest release 10 Years of cheap fame, a ‘best of' to celebrate their tenure and to take us out in style.

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