C'mon C'mon! All aboard the Little Birdy Band Wagon!!

Hailing from Perth, Little Birdy are one of the hottest acts on the Australian music scene today, with the success of their previous album Big Big Love released in 2004, their latest release Hollywood which hit the stores in September 2006. Little Birdy seem to be an indestructible force, ploughing through the music scene creating a racket with their unique alternate-indie sound. When I caught up with drummer Matt Chequer, the guys were on holidays, recovering after a six week album tour, with the members of the band scattering to all parts of the world including Japan and Indonesia.


When asked about their music, Matt seemed to have difficulty describing it, which is no surprise, as they change their sound as often as some people change their underwear. ‘As far as what of expect at a gig, you can expect everyone having a good time, us and the crowd having a good time‘.


Beginning first as a duo with Katie and Simon doing a few gigs together, ‘Barney saw them at a gig and said \" if you guys ever need a bass player, give me a call\". Following the recruitment of Barney, Simon decided to move from drums to guitar, and as far as Matt Chequer's initiation ‘I met them through a friend of mine, and since then it's been 4 years of fun'.


As a band hailing from Perth, Matt reveals that, surprisingly Little Birdy didn't seem to have much trouble getting ahead in the Oz Music scene. 'I think we've been pretty lucky. We seem to fit in nicely between the old and new stuff out there, and we have good people, good managers and producers working for us so we have been pretty lucky.'


Moreover, the coming year promises to be a big one for Little Birdy, 'We are talking about plans to go overseas. Maybe do some gigs in the US, the UK and Canada, see if we can get some interest over there. Probably Japan too. We released out first album in Japan and they want us to release our second album ‘ Hollywood' there, and do another Aussie tour'.


With all that on the cards, what better way than to kick off the year than hitting out shores as part of Big Day Out? 'it's the best festival to play at. Its two weeks, of playing one hour a day, for five days a week, and it pretty much just all partying. The international bands call it ‘ Big Day Off' because its such a great festival, there are tons of people, and you get looked after'.


Considering the other big names set to hit our shores next year, one couldn't help but wonder who Matt would really like to tour with.'Um, shit, Dave Grohl. Not necessarily when he's in the 'Fighters or the Queens Of The Stone Age, just him as a person. He's an Idol of mine, and seems like a cool guy to hang out with'. And to what album do we owe the inspiration for Little Birdy's Matt Chequer? 'Midlake, a band called Midlake. I discovered them about 2 years ago and fell in love with them. They changed the way I looked at music, I'm actually going to see them tonight'.


Having been working together for a number years, the band have had their problems but when it comes to handling creative differences today, Matt offered 'It depends, sometimes we argue. Most of the time we have a good mutual understanding, and it works itself out. When something is criticized, most people tend to get offended, which is the same with us, but you quickly realize that everyone has the best intentions and you get over your ego'.


But it hasn't always been fun for Little Birdy, shrouded in secrecy, Matt acknowledges their worst gig, easily being one they did in LA, ‘ and always will be'. And as for the best?? ‘ I'd have to say recording our second album.' And for any struggling little Aussie bands, rest assured, there is hope, Little Birdy says so! 'Ah, advice, I've never been much of a good person with advice, never been much of a father. Keep having fun, that's what music is all about'.

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