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With their newest album Imago debuting at #2 nationally in Australia and achieving Gold status in just nine weeks, Brisbane alternative metal outfit, The Butterfly Effect, have been hitting the road hard and fast, just like their music. And with their debut album Begins Here (2003) also achieving gold status recently, the boys have reason to be excited. Furthermore, to add to this excitement, The Butterfly Effect have been announced to play the massive Big Day Out, along with many other huge festivals this summer.


The Dwarf's Kevin Bala answers the call from guitarist Kurt Goedhart, and picks his brain about the upcoming festival, and finds out what he is most looking forward to.


"Uhhhh… Muse! We saw em a couple of years ago on the Big Day Out tour, and they'd just released that amazing record they have ( Absolution)… they're such an amazing band live aswell, so I'm really looking forward to seeing them."


When asked if he was a frequent festival-goer, he replies: "Yeah, definitely. I was one little grasshopper (laughs)"


The Butterfly Effect are veterans of the road, and even after doing festivals such as Homebake and Big Day Out, Kurt maintains that the band like the small venues, particularly The Annandale in Sydney. I fill Kurt in on the recent news of the Annandale Hotel:- they have had further trouble to secure a 3am trading license (because of complaints from local residents about noise), and now subsequently may be forced to abandon gigs altogether.


"Oh really?! You're kidding, they cant stop that venue! No fucking way, that's just fucking ridiculous, how long has that place been there for? …that'd just be fucking nuts… cant stop the fucking Annandale!"


"Yeah, we've had a few dramas like that here around Brisbane, a couple of fantastic venues have just been devastated, you know, you cant even have a P.A if you're a band, things like that, its just tragic… so yeah, I hope that The Annandale doesn't go down that path."


Back to the music side of things, the third single from Imago, 'Reach', which will be released in late January as a 4 track enhanced CD single, including live audio and visual recordings, will also include the bands very first (and only) acoustic recording, for the song 'Gone'. I found this to be exciting news, however Kurt's views were quite the opposite.


"Yeah, uhh... You know, I guess some people wanna do these things… I don't. I don't think we're really well represented by that sorta business, you know its not really what we're all about… but you know, the chicks dig it, so I guess its allright!"


Kurt explains why there was such a large gap between the two albums.


"We were touring, we didn't know how to do the two things at once. We had to sorta wait for the tour to be over before we actually did anything on the writing front. That's why it took so long, because we toured for about two years flat out, at the end of the two years was when we finally sorta knuckled down. So yeah, it was only about last year that we really recorded everything."


As the new album is quite different to Begins Here, I ponder as to wether the live shows still reflect the heavier Butterfly Effect.


"I dunno, we play a sorta mixture of the old stuff and the new stuff. So I dunno, I guess it's a mix of the both. I don't really consider either of the albums heavier than the other one, you know? We got some riffs on the first album, some riffs on the second album. Its more interesting to play live, more of a challenge. So that part of its good."


I ask Kurt if he has seen any good live shows lately.


"U2! Yeah, we went and saw them at the Brissie gig. We got some tickets to the lighting desk, so we got to watch it from there, which was really fucking cool, perks of being in a rock band I guess (laughs)."


"So yeah, amazing, but it's a light show really though isn't it? That's all it really is, you know, they play all their hits, that's cool bananas, they're not much to watch I suppose, they sorta walk around, and pull out all the cliché rock moves. But fuck, if you can take your eyes of the lighting screen for more than a couple of minutes then you might actually see the band. I personally couldn't take my eyes off the fucking lighting screen, it was just so amazing, some of the shit they can get going on that thing, its like Imax theatre!"


Kurt tells us what to expect from The Butterfly Effect for 2007, and gives the possibility that we may hear some new tracks soon.


"Our plan for next year is more touring! We got Big Day Out, then after that, some other shows that are coming up, then were going to try and go overseas sometime, but you know we've all tried that before, and that doesn't always happen, but were gonna give it a go… again. Persistence pays off apparently (laughs). So yeah, more touring, and try to get overseas."


"We're always writing new material, but we're gonna try and make the gap on this new record a little less that 3 years (laughs). So yeah, I think that'd be good for everyone. We always got new material on the line. Thats what we do, we're musicians, we write music!\".


They sure do! The 'Reach' single will be released Jan 07. The Butterfly Effect will be playing at some of Australia's premiere summer festivals, including, Rollercoaster, Odyssey 7 NYE & the national 2007 Big Day Out.

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