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For the last two years, Race The Fray (not to be confused with American band The Fray) have been playing to the beat of a different drum. Whilst many bands are currently enjoying a shred of popularity having chosen to embrace the collective mainstream that is emo/post hardcore, Race The Fray have decided to go against current trends. They have kept to their pop punk roots, which may be the key to Race The Fray's success so far.


" The audience response we have had has just been overwhelming," states their guitarist Swifty proudly. " The fact that we are playing a style of music that is not following the more fashionable trends of emo/ screamo/ post hardcore etc, etc…Oh and we're not new wave either!"


These four boys from Melbourne have successfully managed to stay on top of their game. Gearing up for the release of their first EP "This Art Will Play", The Melbourne boys seem quite comfortable with the latest material for their newest recording effort.


" With our previous recordings, we were recording songs we had for a while, and by the time we would get them done we were kind of over them. For 'This Art Will Play' we went into the studio with five songs we had just written and were very excited about."


" I think that all four of us have come together to record our proudest work to date," Swifty says.


The group had its humble beginnings back in 2003, when Nick Astro (vocalist), Al (drummer) and Swifty (guitarist) grew tired of pursuing separate musical projects and decided to come together 'as Race The Fray'.


" Three of us actually went to school together, Nick and I had done a couple of musical things together but the three of us had never jammed as one. Nick met Cal at a garage sale, not sure of the finer details myself. We decided to give it a go and it just seemed to work," he says.


With eyes set to the immediate future, Race The Fray are eager to embark on their national tour this month to help promote the EP.


" None of us can wait to get back on the road, and play to some familiar faces along side some fresh ones that we are yet to break in. I think that all we can really hope for on this tour is to expose some fresh ears to 'Race The Fray' and also to enjoy ourselves. All we can really do is aim high and work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for the band."


So with all things considered, the future looks fairly promising for Race The Fray. Although many young bands all but give up due to the constant pressure from within the music industry, these boys look like they have decided to stay for the long haul.

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