The Dwarf in conversation with Rudimental

The Dwarf in conversation with Rudimental

The Dwarf’s Matthew Galea chats to Kesi Dryden from award-winning, platinum-selling UK band, Rudimental before they touch down in Australia for their highly anticipated tour.

Are you guys pumped to head back Down Under?
We can’t wait! We have always had great fun in Australia, travelling around to the different cities. The Australian crowds are so great at welcoming us, they were even more up for it than crowds in our home towns which is great to see so I think it’s quite cool that England and Australian crowds know how to party, they know how to have a good time at festivals so it’s nice coming to Australia and we also did our own headline shows which is amazing as well so we can’t wait to come out there and play songs from our latest album.

Describe the Rudimental tour dynamic. What goes down?
We’re all good friends and we all sort of grew up together, not just the four of us but all our band members are people who we went to school with or had some connection with when we were young so it’s just like a massive group of friends on a world tour having fun. When we get on stage, it’s more like a party. It’s good fun.

What are your pre-show rituals?
Before a show we normally put on some music and start dancing about and having a little sing-song, jumping about and doing silly stretches, getting lively and being silly, really.

Your latest album We The Generation has been huge a commercial success. Is there a certain level of pressure to follow up the success of this album?
I don’t think there’s pressure from that; I mean we’ve never really had time to think about what’s coming next because we’re always on the road and we’re a collective so it takes the pressure off us. We never think about what we are going to write when we get into the studio, we just get in and jam ideas and have fun and that’s where our best songs come from so we are feeling more excited than pressured.

Who is on your dream collaboration bucket list?
I would love to work with Lauryn Hill. She’s one of the best singers and rappers of all time! And I think The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is one of our favourite albums ever and for me it was probably the first moment I sat down with an album and really got into it and the production from the organ to the guitar riffs to the bass sounds to the drum programming. Everything about that album sort of drew us in and has definitely had a big influence on us and we are each huge fans of her and it would be amazing to one day work with her.

If you could switch bodies with anyone in the world, who would it be any why?
Kanye West, because he’s got a nice looking wife.

Good call! What is a secret skill we may not know you had?
I can do 100 kick ups on my head.

Where do you see yourselves in five years’ time?
We will hopefully have a fourth album by then and our dream is to be headlining Glastonbury and other festivals around the world. I don’t know if that will happen in five years or 10 years, but five years is a good target to work with, I reckon. That’s our dream.

Tour dates
Saturday 7 May – Riverstage, Brisbane QLD
Sunday 8 May – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney NSW
Tuesday 10 May – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne VIC
Wednesday 11 May – AEC Theatre, Adelaide SA

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