The Dwarf in Conversation with: Devin the Dude

The Dwarf in Conversation with: Devin the Dude

Hey, Devin, it's Farley from the Dwarf!

Heeeeey! It's Farley from the Dwarf, how you doin'?

I'm' good, what's going down? I heard you had some bad luck recently... Your house got broken into?

Yeah, but everything will be ok.

It all went down ok?

Yeah, everything be cool. It'll work out.

I heard you lost some recording equipment?

Yeah, but that stuff you can always get back.

So you're coming over to Australia soon?

Oooh yeah, can't wait!

I've seen on Facebook that you love barbecues! You should have a great time over here, we all got barbeques around here.

Yeah man for sure. Maybe I could learn a few things, and teach a few things!! Yes, ma'am!

I see you like flying drones! One of your last film clips was actually made with a drone?

Yeah, that's like my hobby. I started out with the helicopters, then went to the RC cars. And then eventually I went to the drones after that and started recording. And I just wanted to be the first rapper who films himself with a drone on a rap video.

Well, it turned out awesome!

Yeah. So that was cool! I'm planning on doing other videos with the drones, so yeah look forward to some more footage.

Cool! So what would you say is the highlight of your career? Is there a moment that stands out to you?

You know what, I have quite a few. And they just constantly keep coming, you know what I'm sayin'. One highlight is somebody appreciating one of the verses I did in like the tenth grade. You know I was kind of overwhelmed that somebody liked what I did. It was just one verse, but he told somebody at school about the verse that I did, and he asked me to say the verse in front of that guy. I did the verse and they liked it. Those two guys told like four other people and they started listening to the same verse. By the end of the week, I was in the cafeteria with like fifty people listening to the same verse.

Wow! So do you think that is the thing that sort of made you want to become a rapper?

That's what let me know that I could get used to this, haha. I appreciated it. I just knew that this was my thing right here. That was like one of my highlights, but I've had so many throughout my career, and they just continue to keep coming. Highlights are nothing but blessings for me. And this is another highlight right here! I'm coming to Australia!

Well, you've got a lot of fans waiting for you to come out! When I mentioned I would be talking with you tis week, one fan said, well make sure you give a shout out to Coughee Brothas!

Hell yeah, man. I'm a Cofee Brother man. We going to come down there and do an Odd Squad - Coughee Brothas show, man. That would be really nice!

You've done a lot of touring over the years haven't you?

Yeah over the years I have done a lot of touring. Over the last year and a half, it has been a little slower than usual. But you know, it's getting picked back up real soon. I'm doing a little run this month, another run next month, then I'm coming to Australia. I got quite a few things coming up. I'm working on another album which should be wrapped up by the end of the year. And hopefully, be the beginning of the year, I can do another tour.

So what are you listening to at the moment?

I listen to a lot of old school RnB, a lot of 80's, 70's like rock, I like a lot of different kinds of music, you know, reggae. Sometimes I just turn the stereo off and just don't listen to shit. I do that sometimes.

So we know you like to smoke a lot of weed. So are you a blunt man, a spliff man or a bong man??

I like blunts, but I smoke a lot of bongs too. I do dabs every now and then, but not too much, they kind of hurt your throat!

So are you planning on checking out a bit of the country while you are here?

Of course man, I'm looking forward to checking out the scenery and I wanna hear the different music, especially the hip hop. The original Australian type hip hop.

We definitely have a big hip-hop scene here in Australia.

Yeah. And I want to check out an Australian barbecue too! Yeah, I got to try and get me some of that.

Look forward to seeing you here in Australia Devin! Have a great day mate!

Yeah, looking forward to seeing y'all in September and tell everybody I say g'day!
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